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Just Passing By... Emma Roberts

You'd be lucky to see her.  Hee hee.  Anyway, here's Emma Roberts in all all natural appearance of having less make-up and no blond hair this time.  Really hot. Her hair color reminds me of Amy that girl I'm trying to establish a long distance relationship with.

European Women vs. American Women

Here's some of the things that one may consider on choosing a Caucasian partner.  Here are they:

1.) Most European women are far more approachable than most American women.  It's been easier for Oriental males to get European women than American women.  American women tend to be more unfriendly.  Sad but true.

2.) Most American women are overweight.  Sad but true.  In Europe, most of their diet is far healthier than America.  Compare Sbarro an American-Italian fusion to a real Italian restaurant.

3.) Most European women are usually dressed more classy than American women.  They have no scarcity or excess in grooming.  American women can groom themselves either in scarcity or in excess.

4.) Most European women are intellectual compared to most American women.  Hmmm... just notice the movies.  In turn, European women have more interests.  Thinking of it, it may be the reason why Jonathan Patrick Foo's parents landed on each other.  This can also be evident with how America c…