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What I Freaking Hate About MOST American Shows

Don't get me wrong there are still GOOD American shows but I have to admit most of it is trash.  Hate is just strong enough a word to describe how I feel.  Here are some things I'd like to voice out about American shows:

I'd like to TALK ABOUT how corny most of American humor is.  I simply want to use the clip above as an example.  Seriously for me, the clip above is NOT even funny.  Okay I have NOTHING against Americans in general but the clip above makes it easy to negatively generalize Americans!  Overacting is an issue on American TV.

Many kid's shows are moronic.  To be honest, Sentai can just be edited, put the death in dialogue but overtime American TV has become SO STUPID.  For example, Transformers the Movie had MANY kids crying and parents rather than tell their children that the death of Optimus Prime made him a real hero, complained about the scenes.  So instead, American TV slowly started removing the reality of death of the heroes from their TV screens.

Philippines is Potentially Good for Investors

Well here's the reality, the Philippines can be good for investment but the major problem can lie on several of its countrymen.  How?  Well as I've said, the Philippines does have its own fair share of stupidity among its people BUT there are also smart Filipinos. Don't let the stupidity of the TV network be a hindrance.  As said in Chinese philosophy, "Do not look at the hole but at the doughnut."  So there's still hope for a nation that's hit not by inferior intellect but laziness, procrastination, disobedience, false hopefuls and whatever.  So here's an encouraging article:

The truth of the matter is that the Filipinos are NOT stupid, most of them become stupid thanks to choices they make thanks to spoiling children not only among the rich but also among the non-rich or even more disturbing, among the poor people and other poor choices parents make.  Everything starts with parenting…

Apparently This is Rhian Howell's Answer to the Question to Mo Twisted's Accusation

"I was very shocked and very hurt.I could not believe what I was seeing. I could not believe that he would say all those things about me and make a video saying things like that about me," were the words of Rhian Denise Ramos Howell said.  I cannot judge the veracity of this statement but it seems to be real even if I am not much of a fan of Filipino show business.  Some things are not answered directly.  In fact it's much implying that DJ Mo Twisted is as Rhian Howell is saying via Twitter that he is Twisting the truth with his eloquence (notice how I emphasized the word).  To be honest, I have tried listening to Mo Twisted's other side of the story and man I have to admit, it was really painful to watch- more painful than sitting through a poorly written script  As said, she's learned her lesson.    Sadly many will still walk in the path of Mo Twisted's movement.  To be honest, if I were accused of what I did not do, I definitely would be in complete outrag…

I'm Now A Fan of Gracie Dzienny

One thing can't be denied I'm a fan of Gracie Dzienny.  Supah Ninjas is funny.  Well but I have to admit that Emma Roberts is still my favorite American actress.

Dealing with Japan's Education System... A Few Reforms!

So far I am impressed with Japan but the sad fact is the education system can be bridged to the extreme.  So what do I propose for its changes.  Here are some:

Five day education but longer schooling hours.  That is from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. schooling.  Saturday should be devoted to homework exercises and tutorials instead of classes.Avoid the cram sessions as much as possible.  Instead go for tutorials for lessons that students struggle with great difficulty.Avoid being too education crazy.  To be honest, that Liveman episode focusing on Goh Omura was so well written it should be a warning against parents.  We have to avoid parents like Wataru Asami from plaguing Japan.  As said, I believe fiction is one's way to reveal frustration and truth.  Super Sentai is fiction where reality blends in to our minds too!Find out where the child is good at and send him/her to where they are good at.Oh yeah keep the Sentai spirit.  In Sentai, you have different members with different talents s…