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Rhian Ramos Howell in "My Kontrabida Girl"

Here's a little bit of Rhian Ramos Howell's return as "My Kontrabida Girl".  Okay I accept her acting is kinda so-so but looks like she's improved a bit.  I wonder what move will Mo Twisted make again?  Oh boy I wish Mo Twisted will face divine wrath ASAP. :P

Superficiality Among Many in the Filipino Audience

It's pretty sad but true that that there are many (not all) in the Filipino audience who can be counted in as superficial minded.  Here are some ways it can happen:

One has to admit American stuff tends to get overrated not for their quality but for being American.  Seriously, American products are not always good.  I have to admit most American shows today are simply too simplistic and by following such crap, Filipino TV decays along.  Imported from America is NOT always good!  Besides NOT all American women are hot like Gracie Dzienny or Emma Roberts.  In fact, most Power Rangers' white chicks aren't hot either.  Power Rangers only got overrated because of the American superiority mentality.

They tend to believe a person all the time even if it isn't true all in the name of charisma... seriously how many people will keep listening to Mo Twisted's charismatic lies, half-truths and rotten accusations over the actual facts?!  Isn't it any wonder that a tsunami s…

Welcome Back Rhian Ramos Howell

Well it's kinda something that Rhian Ramos Howell who was brutally battered by Mo Twisted's series of false accusations is back.  She was last seen at Chikka Minute and looking at this, CRUD I missed it!  I was so busy and all!  Well I'm glad she's back.  Oh... is she really dating Jeric Lacson?  Hope I am mistaken. :P  I guess that's why...

Mo Twisted is resuming his Twitter war while hiding in New York.  Oh boy.  He gets sympathy because of his charisma, his ability to Twist the truth and all.

On the other hand, this video is making me ask myself why I am seeing her dancing in my mind.  But welcome back nonetheless Rhian Ramos Howell.  Oh boy.

Contradictory Feelings with a Past Crush and More

It may be pretty surprising to why I placed a picture of Mileena here.  Okay she's NOT that ugly but she's ugly nonetheless.  Now it's time to think about this- I want her when she's not around but whenever I see her, I don't want her.  Kinda crazy.  Mileena can be a metaphor for one reason IMO.  How?  Well at first I thought she was the most gorgeous woman yet later, she reveals to be THATphysically ugly.  I have to admit her appearance as of recent shocked me as if she had razor sharp teeth.  Sometimes I wish I could overlook her ugliness but it's kinda too late for that.  But then not everybody ugly repulses me, in fact I still have friends who are ugly but they don't scare me at all!

However one former crush of mine regardless of the fact she wasn't pretty still hasn't shocked me with how she looks.  Okay I acknowledge the fact she isn't pretty like I used to think she was but there's some cuteness in her.  Also her personality just mak…

Seriously Mo Twisted GET A LIFE!

I managed to read the ongoing Twitter war against Mo Twisted has not stopped as he continues to light the flames of war.  Ogie Alcasid made fun of his video (because it was so obviously staged) and later apologized.  Seriously Mo Twisted, when are you going to continue your "righteous charade" and all that?  Oh... don't expect to gain sympathy especially you have already gotten many girls heartbroken and/or pregnant plus it can't be denied you actually STOPPED sending your love child with Bunny Paras parental support, she is your daughter you nitwit!!!!  One day you're going to get what you deserve.  Oh I'm just here to ramble what I think of you!  Mo Twisted you are definitely this crazy...

Loki from Marvel Comics.  Seriously your pranks and mischief will get you someday!  You just watch out!  Bwahahahaha!  Must stop laughing.  
I just wonder how many more will you hurt.  I don't believe Rhian Ramos Howell will be your last.  Oh you scoundrel... I wonde…

Creating Another Niche?

I simply thought it over that after I got some constructive comments by Chris X that Sentai is about shows, not celebrities it looks like a major clean-up could come to place.  Oh think about it- Fantasy Leader is doing some cleaning up on his own and I don't know if he'll be doing several niches soon in his own blog or even break it apart into pieces to cater to different markets (I think he has entrepreneurial potential seriously).  So here's what I've been thinking to do if I got some time- create another blog (and hopefully it'll gain momentum) on my favorite oriental soap operas which I find has become my greater drive over Tokusatsu.  Maybe the reason was while I wanted to watch Super Sentai over Power Rangers but having more of Chinese drama then later Korean drama (something I don't like) instead of Super Sentai can be a factor.  Funny.  On the other hand, this blog is for some places where I specifically can't lump together.  Hmmm is Chinese entert…

The Battle for Emma Roberts' Hand is ON!

I don't know if the rumor of her break-up with Chord Overstreet is real however I do believe that many people do want to grab her so badly.  Okay she's only 5'2 but I can't deny she's blazing hot. So Valentine's Day many would want to get her.  Oh boy can it be helped?  People are apparently superficial and lust driven as they might fight for this hot chick.

Beauty and the Beast

A beauty and the beast couple can mean an odd pairing between an ugly man and an attractive woman.  Okay don't expect a really frighteningly ugly man okay?  So let's just say Ryuji Sainei is seriously dating Ayumi Kinoshita (maybe at the end of Dekaranger, they were dating or perhaps now, well I don't know).  It would be like this- Ryuji Sainei is pretty lucky that a guy who's not attractive gets such a hot girl.  As said, appearance matters less except in identification purposes.  The girl could less how attractive she is because she loves the man who's ugly and the guy well accepts it.

So who says physical beauty is important for what is beauty if the inside is rotten?  Well I don't say that all attractive people are bad, it's always on the inside.  I kind of want to use Ricardo Medina Jr.'s photo after I learned he was such a douche.  I mean it was a shame I like his character yet the actor himself is far from the character he portrays. :(

Belated Happy Birthday to Emma Roberts

Sigh I can't believe I forgot to greet Emma Roberts happy birthday via this blog.  It can't be denied that being stuck in some dilemmas as of late can make you forgetful.  Ha ha.  Anyway I have to say happy birthday Emma Roberts and stay as you are.

One Battle that the Philippines is Also Losing: Against Piracy

I'd like to make a little bit of one battle the Philippines is definitely losing against is namely the war against piracy. Why?  Here's why- the Philippine government's loose regulations plus the bad economy of the nation is making it that way.  Poor economic policies and government corruption is really stampeding like crazy and I have to say the increasing lack of income is making people take bootleg merchandise over real ones.  Most of the original items are costing way too much thanks to a bad economy.  Piracy can be defeated in a developed country like China but definitely not in a third world country like the Philippines.  Only if the economy were better, bootlegs will be less likely to happen.

Seriously Do Filipinos Have to Dub Everything?

I could care less if Filipinos dubbed non-English programs into their local language BUT the networks sadly have dubbed even the English programs.  Come on!  While national language does play an importance, however what about English?  Sigh... it's unfortunate that this is happening to Filipino society.  And here's another...

Here is the evidence of GOING TOO FAR.  Really?  I could care less if Boukenger gets dubbed in Tagalog because it's a non-English program but NOT American adaptations.  The clip above is from one season I can't help but bash for being awfully painful to watch!  Is it any wonder why the English has just "gotten better"?