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Some Recessions as of Late... Hopefully I'll Recover...

I just thought that I haven't been doing any fan fiction writing or much blogging as of late due to this fact- real life matters are far more important.  Okay I may do some blogging to help earn cash or stats but fan fiction writing is quite different.  I've had some experiences of starting okay and dragging down to badness to the middle as of right now due to this- doing stuff while I'm stressed up and can't think properly and as said, when one forcibly squeezes lemons that are unripe for lemonade, don't expect good lemonade.  So yeah, I'm just thinking that I'm glad my Super Sentai blog now has 138 followers and my celebrities blog has 23 followers.  I just thought that my eye candies are now on the Oriental Fanatics blog than the Super Sentai blog because Super Sentai is fictitious content, the celebrities blog should after all include even Tokusatsu actors.  So I hope I'm over with my hate-filled insane moments and mental blocks.  Hmmm... just a mis…

Emma Roberts Flavor Magazine Photos

Well I guess I can't just have enough of Emma Roberts.  Hee hee.  Now here's some of her Flavor Magazine photos...

Some TV Drama Ideas I Think Can Be Tried Out...

I just had some thoughts on TV drama ideas that may or may not work.  These are:

1.) The love story of a middle aged laborer and a beggar woman who is 24 years older than he is.  I just thought this would probably merit more laughs than seriousness, even if the script is meant to be a tearjerker.   I just thought that it's creepy enough to have a man-woman pairing with a huge age gap that big but reversing both sides, it'd be funny at the same time creepy.  I just thought it'd be a funny idea to have that!

2.) The love story between a laborer and a mentally insane woman.  Actually no marriage can happen because of the woman's state of mind.  This is however better worked in comedy than in a serious drama.

3.) A delusional man going after a woman who he thinks is in love with him.  Best written as a comedy.  Make the man ugly but think he's very handsome and has a bad voice but thinks he's a very good singer.

4.) You can have the idea of where rich people live m…

Italian Garlic Bread

I was thinking that I really do love the Italian garlic bread.  It has the garlic flavor in its chewy dough drizzled with olive oil and having garlic bits on tops as well as other herbs making it a healthy food.  It's really a must for anybody who likes Italian food.  I usually order it along with pasta and dip it into the mixture of white and red sauces.  Yum!  I just thought it also tastes good eating it with steak meals as well.

Chai Green Tea

Well I just had a cup of Chai green tea the other night over a meeting session which I say, well it kinda tastes good in itself.  I was thinking that with another cup of tea means fighting against various diseases especially the dormant cancer cells.  The flavor in itself is also different from the much stronger Matcha Green Tea as well.

Fresh Tomato Sauce and Lycopene

I am just delighted to think about the fact that I love fresh tomato sauce, now it can be homemade by blending a few tomatoes, adding some garlic and onions to flavor it, or perhaps basil can be added.  So I just thought that it actually is a rich antioxidant substance that can be extracted by heating tomatoes.  This substance is called lycopene a cancer fighting agent.  So I just thought that this is also a delicious way to help cancer patients cope up with treatment and lessen their pain as well.

Just Some Thought on Graviola


Thoughts on Stuffed Animals

Somehow I just want to keep some old stuffed toys even if they will no longer be played with, just there and for some reason, I feel like there's always an "attachment" to it.  It's just like older Tokusatsu shows.  Even if I had some bad experiences but these were the good ones to look back to.  I could remember some sweet memories even if they did get hit by bad experiences or whatever.  And in fact, they could serve as a comfort to thinking of all those loved ones who had passed away.  It's just a thought that somehow using them as decorations and later hand me downs to the next generation can be fun, until they "die".

I Want Some Jasmine Tea Too...

I just pretty thought that I want to buy some Jasmine tea for my personal consumption.  Well it kinda makes me think that it's made from flowers, quite a funny idea or perhaps if I were much younger I'd think it's stupid.  I'd say this that my fondness of tea whether hot tea or my usual cup of cold tea for fusion reasons, I simply can't forget the taste of Chinese jasmine tea.  I just thought a little bit of buying some Jasmine tea with Matcha green tea for a daily morning and nightly drinking.  This could be another form of antioxidant to combat any dormant cancer cells in my body.

Hmmmm and here's another cup of tea...

And I just thought I'll be drinking it while watching Uramiya Honpo or Dekaranger... but Uramiya Honpo FTW!!!!

Just a Thought on Japanese Green Tea

While I had some meetings to attend to, me and my friends went to a coffee shop where it did serve some cold green tea.  I just wanted to give it a shot, knowing that I'm sort of a East-West blender of sorts.  In fact, some of you may even think I'm part-American and part-Japanese.  So here's a bit of what I ordered at Coffee Bean and Tea Shop...
Okay here's that Matcha Green Tea, kinda costed me some bucks because of the nature of the establishment.  But all I can say is, not much of a waste.  At first, it tasted really bitter but the more I drank it down, the more I felt like my body was being cleansed.  Tea is a very good antioxidant for prevention of cancers and cleaning the body of people.
However I'd be interested for a cup of warm, not-so-concentrated tea too in a nice cold restaurant to dissolve any excess fats during the meal like from eating Peking Duck and roast pork which is a leading cause of cancer if not gotten rid of.

Just Some Courage to Get to Know Some Girl...

Okay this is just something that I'm in a series of dilemma of who I want but right now, I think I've met a hot chick who is not that hot, but with a greater character that will make me overlook her attractiveness and like her for who she is.  I just thought I haven't known her fully, her name whatsoever.  Good thing however is that she's already an adult.
But that Pamela Anderson look-alike (but thankfully not on the inside) is still too hot to handle. :P

Richard Clayderman's Marriage D' Amor

As a fan of Richard Clayderman's piano, I was pleased to find out that the piece that Shan Tsai played in Meteor Garden during Dao Ming Si's birthday was from his piece.  I don't know the entire history but it means marriage of love.  I just thought the song is very romantic and pleasing.  Enjoy.

Me and My Milk...

Well I just thought that there are times I really would like to get a glass of fresh, warm milk with no sugar.  In my teenager days, in order to help me cope up with my slowness in memory, I really would drink a glass of warm milk without sugar to help me concentrate.  Also, it became my real substitute for alcohol.  I do drink it sometimes before whenever I thought of my first love.  But now, I just drink it as it is.  I just thought it's my sweetener for coffee, though I prefer my coffee without sugar or milk.

I Think Naiveness is a Problem in Rhian

I just had my thoughts on my favorite actress Rhian Ramos Howell.  Okay she's a nice girl BUT she is really that too easy to carry away.  Tsk... poor Rhian, can't she think properly?  I just thought of how anybody regardless of appearance who is overly nice can be that naive.  All I can say to her is, "Please think it over.  You could be getting into a loadful of trouble again."

KC Montero and Rhian?! My Thoughts....

I just got to read the news that divorced DJ KC Montero, 34, could be dating Rhian Ramos Howell who is turning 22 this year.  I seriously just want to say, "Stop making the wrong choices Rhian!"  Seriously I was personally thinking that the age gap is quite big, 13 years then again it's not like as if he's old enough to be her dad.  Then again, why a much older guy?  I just thought that perhaps she hasn't learned her lesson.  Wow Rhian, I don't know what to say.  But all I can say is I really wish that I'm just reading false information.  Okay maybe I'll just have to think of this one could be better... she should hang out with somebody with a much closer age gap... say three years.  Well... but all I can say is I do find myself hypocritical over this issue because I did fall for a girl that was nine years younger than I am, who I avoid like a plague these days.  Maybe not... but still I don't think age gaps is the issue, it's more on the mora…

McDonalds' Big N Tasty...

Well I was just thinking that I just wanted to taste the new McDonald's Big N Tasty Burger.  Although it may be quite pricey but at least I got what I was paying for.  I just thought that a huge burger is tasty, as long as it uses fresh ingredients.  I just thought it's time for all people to give this new type of "krabby patty" a taste.  And yup, I really fell in love with this patty that I want to eat another!!!!  However I'll be interested to know what types of burgers do McDonald's make in other countries too.