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Lover's Tear or Qing Ren De Yan Lei

Lover's tear which is called "Qing Ren De Yan Lei" in Mandarin is one sad love song.
This is the meaning in English:

Why want to cry for you Don’t tell me you don’t understand clearly it’s because of love Only those with lover, (knows) tears are most precious A single tear is still love, is still love If it weren’t for a girl’s lover want to part with me My tears will not drop Good spring come again Spring flowers just blossom How you willing to part with I’m at deep end looking at waters of spring Don’t you forget my feeling, deep deep as the sea
There are various singers to this Mandarin song, my favorite rendition is by Malaysian-Chinese Poon Sow Keng (Pan Xiu Qiong in Mandarin) and to that of Tsai Chin, but preferably that of Poon Sow Keng. I just love her rendition as well.

It's that Army Navy Burger

I just had an Army Navy burger the other day after a day of work.  I just thought that the wait was worth its while since unlike some who make you wait and give you bad quality, here waiting has its worth because the Army Navy burger despite being expensive, it's justifiably expensive due to its huge serving and REALLY DELICIOUS TASTE that packed on my taste buds.  So I just thought I might try the Burritos next when I get the chance... but first, this is the Army Navy... the inspiration of my story for Spongebob's new brand of burger after he took over the Krusty Krab renaming it the Go-onger Burgers not ever since Mr. Krabs got destroyed by his own greed.

Thoughts of Eye Candy to Eye Bruiser in Fiction

I had my thoughts on the reality that there is such a statement as "Eye candy to eye bruisers..." which actually can help (sometimes) in fiction which can be seen by this...

I had considered Amy Jo Johnson in some of her roles.  One can consider how her role as Kimberly had actually kicked butt sometimes (sadly she was reduced to eye candy later so yeah, perhaps it was for the best Amy Jo Johnson left if the whole show was going down the hill) to her later roles such as the TV movie "Hard Ground" or in her police role as Jules in Flashpoint.

Or maybe we can consider the female cops.  They may not be stronger than the male cops most of the time, that is true but it doesn't mean they're not capable of inflicting pain to a certain pain.  I just thought during the time I enjoyed Dekaranger, I just thought of Ayumi Kinoshita's role as Jasmine to despite her character being a hot chick and two, not exactly that strong but she's KICKED butt aside from bein…

How Hate Fic Writing Eventually Derails Our Favorite Characters

I just had my thoughts on my writing of the mega-crossover "Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers" to where I aborted the chapter where Ichijou sent the Operation Overdrive Rangers to a suicide mission all because I really super duper hated the Kalish seasons of Power Rangers.  So what I ended up doing was derailing most of the Super Sentai, making the Operation Overdrive team super out of character (like making them refuse the help of the Super Sentai, making them super arrogant, etc.) and eventually making Ichijou do a group of rather ridiculous punishments like attaching them to a spanking machine just so I could amplify my hatred.  Tori and Adam both were used as the mouthpiece of my hatred for the series.  I'll confess I was even planning to massacre Power Rangers SPD (especially Jack, Syd and Bridge!), Power Rangers Mystic Force and Power Rangers Jungle Fury.  The ending of that aborted arc had the Power Rangers Operation Overdrive killed in an undignified manner, all for…

Happy Holidays Everyone

Here's me wishing everyone a happy holidays to everyone of my readers of my other blogs and happy birthday to Emi Takei... and well to all fans of Super Sentai and Power Rangers.  I'm not much of a Power Rangers fan but as said, I'm against its unfair haters.  Well, I just had my thought on Bulk and Spike in my imaginations are now in Japan to meet the Super Sentai.

Ranger keys on the Christmas tree?  Nice.

Well this is to all Kamen Rider fans.  I'm glad some Kamen Rider fans support my work and whoever makes Kamen Rider blogs, let me see your URLs and I might support your work even if I'm not really much of a Kamen Rider fan though I'm very against its unfair haters.

Come and Go, Some Girls in My Life

I would like to think about some girls that came and go in my life, and sometimes some of them were just horrid attractions...

First crush- I just have to think I'm too horrified to look at her.  Reality bites.  I just thought that she had reminded me of Mileena but not entirely.  My entire being with her was longing for her and after seeing her, I don't want her and I'm imagining she has a mouth full of fangs even when she doesn't.

In between was a hot Spanish girl I didn't want to admit I liked her.

Just a few years later after my first crush after making a stupid swear I would never forget my first love, I ran into a girl like Yuri and it pretty frustrated me she was tsundere with me.  Actually we did warm up to each other but it was as if we were 1,000 years apart in our thinking.  She was a more modern person, I was a stuck up conservative so yeah, pretty much.  So what happened was after graduation, it was as if she had to return to the future.  Fortunately s…

Victoria Justice for the Holidays

Here's Victoria Justice singing "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" and "Jingle Bell Rock".  Her cool refreshing voice helps me relax after every traffic jam during the holidays. :P

Quite Too Late... My Past Infatuation...

I just think it's two days more and it's her birthday and how I had my last regrets of not taking her when I had the chance.  But one thing was for certain, I still remained friends with her even if we were like 1,000 years apart in our thinking... I was pretty stuck in the past, she was pretty much of the future in our thinking.

Everything went like this upon our graduation, like as if she had to go back to the future 1,000 years later.  However we still remained friends even if me and her have moved towards different directions.  Just hoping to find my true love someday.  Well I'm watching some Timeranger, she just reminds me of her a lot.  Somebody who could get too moody or bitchy, yet somehow I get attracted to her a lot for some creepy reason.

Chatime Transparent Ai Yu Jelly Explanation

Here's some demonstration from Chatime which makes me want to drool all over.  Chatime, Chatime... well I wish its success for the best. =)

Is Trypophobia Real?

I just had a thought on this phobia called trypophobia where the person fears any objects with small holes starting from the skin to beehives, ant holes and lotus seed heads. Above is a deviant art of what might have used pictures of lotus seed pods to do this, of what seems to be the feeling of a person with tryophobia...

Here's the use of lotus seed pods which look like there are worms inside...

I think they might even think of this animated GIF as creepy...

An irrational fear of parasites inside the body which may result to doing an overkill...

Those Old Systems I Wanted in the Past...

So far here's been a list of stuff I wanted in the past and I may be gladder I didn't get them at all otherwise my house will be TOO FULL of junk...

Just A Thought on My Being Blinded by Hatred

I decided to think about stuff I do when I'm easily blinded by my hatred which are...
Let's just say becoming insanely unreasonable when I'm being blinded by hatred is one of them.  That is, I can easily lose my cool and fire my angry comments or even my fists at everyone whenever that angry.  That is, I sometimes can be pretty much like Galvatron or Serpentor (who blames Cobra Commander even for his own failures).  I pretty get easily irritated when things don't go my way or somebody offends me even at the slightest provocation, I'm prone to using violence.  Yelling at subordinates that displease me becomes another issue like whenever Serpentor says, "THIS I COMMAND!" or like when Serpentor easily uses brute force at the slightest provocations.  This also affects my planning and decisions making me make fatal blunders out of an unsound mind.
Hate fic writing is another.  I always and easily get offended by stuff like the whole reason why I wrote the dele…

Monty Python's "I Like Chinese"

I just thought of this song "I Like Chinese" by the Monty Python which may have been a song fitting for Chinese immigrants back then in the 70s-80s.  I just thought they are really promoting racial understanding and it's a blast to all those racist whites.  Ha ha.  Well, I just can say that the song is really beautiful even with some factual errors like the Chinese surviving everyone without a doubt because of a nuke hits Britain, that will take EVERYONE.  But still, a pretty enjoyable song.

Appreciation of Beauty Can Be Very Relative

I just had my thoughts on beauty appreciation of women and yes it can be VERY relative.  Here are some examples of relative appreciation of beauty:

I do admit that I'm pretty much a sucker for hot white girls as well as hot Asian girls.  So here's another- while some reviewers of Zyuranger on imdb actually say that Mei is prettier and more determined than Kimberly, I actually find that pretty relative so please respect everybody's opinions on that!!!!  On my point of view, I find Amy Jo Johnson hotter than Reiko Chiba although most Super Sentai chicks are hotter than their adaptation counterparts. :P  But believe me, I watch Zyuranger over MMPR for having better quality may prove I'm not that superficial though I'd really say I'm guilty of treating Shinkenger as eye candy.  I do respect those who find it the other way around, it's their taste. =)

Also I have this friendly opinion clash with Mr. Smith...

It's pretty simple if we were ask which babes outr…

Emma Roberts is a Cool Woman on a Hot Day

Here's Emma Roberts heading towards the salon on a rather sexy attire... I just love her. She's holding a cool drink as well.