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Just My Fantasy: Victoria Justice as Lara Croft =P

Well it's just a wild fantasy but I think Victoria Justice would make a good Lara Croft- appearance wise.  So not really a real movie but maybe, just a parody.  Well I'm just being silly here.

My Journey of Toku Crushes as a Child

Well it's time to talk about my childhood Tokusatsu crushes...

My first Tokusatsu crush was actually Hikaru in Bioman though I used to known her as Kimberly as a child.  Pretty much, she was my first crush but it wasn't that severe.

Momoko in Maskman was another.  I would say she was pretty much elegant and her name Mary Rose was suiting her... a pretty girl with thorns to prick.  I had my thoughts that she was really, really gorgeous.

For Haruna in Turboranger it was also much an infatuation to consider.  I was also having the hots on her.

For Kimberly in MMPR she's what I'd call REALLY SMOKING HOT.  I would say I tend to overrate white girls a lot if they're hot.  But lately Super Sentai chicks are hotter. =P

Jennifer was an extension.  I could really say that Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad was one show I didn't really enjoy as much as MMPR. =P

So who were yiour childhood Toku crushes?

TV Drama Plots I Might Have Written

Here are some crazy love stories that I might have written:

1.) Dolor- The story of an elderly beggar woman named Dolores who first falls for another beggar her age named Alfonso, however she is strangely being infatuated over by a man who's young enough to be her son named Remy as she is old enough to be his mother.  Problems start to develop when the old beggar gets caught for street gambling, the man young enough to be her son enters into her life.  However this results in a rather strange clash when her boyfriend Alfonso catches her in an improper act with Remy.  Can Dolor decide the love of her heart or will she be in tragedy?  Will Alfonso forgive Dolores for her infidelity or will he return home to the mountains?  Can Remy overcome his unusually stupid infatuation with a woman old enough to be his mother that leads him to erratic actions?

2.) Where the Mentally Ill Goes- The story of an obese mentally ill beggar woman from the slums due to her rugby sniffing named Lucia bec…

More Ciara Hanna Photos from Her Instagram

Well looks like I'll give Megaforce a chance after all no matter how dorky as Goseiger it is, or could be worse I dunno but it's just me.  But here's them... 
A self-portrait of a beauty...

Wet look... nice...

I just love her smile here...

Megaforce Girls at the Beach

I'll get this straight that I'm only attracted to Ciara Hanna in here, beauty's relative but I am uploading this picture for beauty appreciation.  Drool hard!  Meanwhie we've got to keep Spike away from the girls as much as possible.

Amy Jo Johnson and Her Family

Now Mrs. Giner, here's some pictures of Amy Jo's family... good thing she was still able to settle down even at 38.  I would admit looks can be deceiving cos she's aged rather gracefully.

Pretty Much a "Nerve-Wrecked" Day The Other Day...

Okay it's kinda funny I'm using this.  Well I dunno what Fantasy Leader will use... he might use Ryoma?  Moving on, it was pretty much nerve-wrecking that I really woke up on the wrong side of the bed, couldn't do the tasks I'm assigned to do properly and had to make an extra effort.

Well here's been some kind of my "combat solution"...

Getting some ice cold mint tea, listening to the flow of water and some classical music managed to help me recover from that nerve wreck.  I took some pain relievers and drank some herbal soup to help me out.

Coffee would be nice if I were dating a Rin Takanashi-look alike! =P

Sarah Geronimo Could Be in Danger Also from the Removal of Section 190 From the Intellectual Property Code!

First I would like to congratulate Sarah Geronimo for being now one of the world's best proving that Filipinos are NOT STUPID, however I am afraid if Section 190 as proposed by the STUPID Filipino congress is signed, it will EVENTUALLY destroy her.  I mean if she's one of the world's best, it would mean Western fans of her music will eventually purposely fly over to the Philippines to BUY her album before it can be imported to their area because they want it fresh, they might even want her autograph because she's so good!  But with that removal of Section 190, soon enough she will end up becoming wrongly labeled as a "snob" because of the provisions.  Really?  Filipinos should all band together and protest against that stupid code because it will destroy the relations of Filipinos from their part of the circle of exchange of intellectual property. =(

Eventually Pinoy Artists WILL Be Destroyed if Section 190 of the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines or Republic Act 8293 Gets Removed!

I was thinking that with the Filipino Congress being THAT STUUUUPID to propose the removal of Section 190 of the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines or Republic Act 8293 which allows Filipinos to bring home CDs, DVDs, books, etc. from abroad it will definitely HURT the Filipino artists as well.  For one, they have to consider that Sarah Geronimo, Christian Bautista, Charice Pepangco, Regine Velasquez are international hits and that means, they have a fanbase ABROAD.  Regine Velasquez has had duets with foreign artists like Jacky Cheung and Coco Lee, Charice Pepangco is a hit in America, Lea Salonga though she's no longer a Filipino citizen due to her marrying an American-Chinese is still credited.  In fact, with that in mind Filipinos have EVERY RIGHT to be fans of foreign artists too.  It's not a one sided parasitic relationship but a mutual relationship between countries.  They buy Filipino products, Filipinos buy their products aside from buying their own product…

Ranting on Capcom

Really Capcom?  I hope you are are perfectly aware of this.  Because I really freaking up grew up with your games like Megaman, Street Fighter and later in my growing up years Resident Evil.  So don't tell me of all things Sigma, General Vega and Albert Wesker are now the higher ups?  So far here's what you've done that crushed my heart severely...

I really WAITED for years for the Megaman Legends 3 game BUT you really had to kill your feasible mascot!  Really?  Megaman's not just for the past generation, he's for all ages but why?  And this?  Sigma orders the canning of the Megaman games!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 really SUCKED.  I played it with my friend and we both HATED it so much!  Really?  Then you get an upgrade so fast?  It's a lot faster than that Ultimate MK3 upgrade and also...

So Resident Evil has to DIE TOO?  Really I have to say the newer Resident Evil storylines, etc. STINKED. Really?  I really, really hate what's going on!  So Umbrella Corporati…

Ciara Hanna: Temptation in the Dark

Well this picture is making me think twice before I throw away Megaforce... XP

Power Rangers Fans and "Explosive Revelations" They May Get While Checking Out Super Sentai!

Pretty much, this picture says much about the explosive revelations that open minded Power Rangers fans can either handle or not handle which I've observed through the decades and I am NOT putting this in my Super Sentai blog due to its redundancy there:

Some may have started to think way back then that Power Rangers was an original work by Saban back in the 90s.  But again, those were just kids who watched EVERYTHING on TV for the sake of watching it and they could care less about Power Rangers or Super Sentai.  Well they don't bother to read credits, pretty much a problem really.  Heck, even some Super Sentai fans can be too lazy to read the credits while they sing to the ending song.  But they make a later discover that...

Super Sentai came first before Power Rangers.  I guess such people are TOO LAZY to do research.  Some of them jump into conclusions like, "Super Sentai is fake and Power Rangers is the real thing." when they are BOTH real deals.

Some may think…

Ciara Hanna in Her Trailer

Well this is me being superficial, looks like I'm very weak towards hot white chicks huh?  Maybe not but this is another of those great Ciara Hanna moments from her channel. XD

Men and Women: Just Some Unusual Preferences

There's always a difference between men and women.  However no matter how masculine or how feminine a person is, there's always some "weird" choices and as a man, I have my weird choices.  Here's some:

For men:

As a child I remembered the rather stupid stereotype that TV drama is only for girls.  But really?  Not really. Happy to admit, I started watching TV drama with Meteor Garden which engaged me with its rather nice way of arranging slice of life stories and how it really appealed to me storywise.  But in my own guilty pleasure closet, I really love romantic stories myself (well as long as they don't involve yui, yaoi, incest, pedophilia it's fine in my preferences) or seeing men and women in action, I would watch it and two, I watch some supposedly girly shows because of the girls and two.  Also, I believe it's perfectly normal for men to cry too.  I'm pretty selective though mind you and I prefer them where the female protagonists are more t…

Amy Jo Johnson-Giner Now a Producer?

Well I read some interesting stuff from Henshin Grid and yes, Amy Jo Johnson-Giner is now a producer.  So it's pretty much a good way to step away from the spotlight and wither gracefully.  Well people will wither as they live longer, nobody's an exception.  But fortunately she's now a family woman and she is now a producer of sorts.  So she's directed a short narrative, it would be nice if she can eventually help out in East and West scenarios too.  It's great she still signs autographs and so do some people who used to be part of Toei and/or Saban, some even quit and still sign autographs.  More power!


More Priceless Pamela Anderson Pictures Before She Botched It

Here's some really classic Pamela Anderson photos I'd like to share all the more.  
She was better off without implants

Another charming headshot...
Hopefully Vanessa Hessler won't do surgeries to herself!

Kamen Rider in Fairly Oddparents?!

Well this just gave me an idea for Kamen Rider vs. Nickelodeon which is purely separate from Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon, only this time NO original characters and a more limited choice of characters.  Here's the picture that gave me the idea in the first place...

This could be the Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour 4 with Wizard (left) and Fourze (right).  So far, I am thinking of these team ups based on Nicktoons Unite:

Spongebob/OOO- The Greeds have teamed up with Plankton and have exploited Mr. Krabs.  Mr. Krabs has become purely evil because of the Greed that Spongebob and OOO vow to destroy Mr. Krabs.  Patrick, Squidward and Sandy are flattered by OOO's appearance in Bikini Bottom.

Danny Phantom/Kiva- Well entirely separate from Kamen Rider Kiva vs. Danny Phantom, this time it's a more different approach where the Ghost Zone and the Fangires have a different team up.  Vlad has teamed up with Taiga sending Fangires and Ghosts across Retroville.

Fairly Oddparents/Wizard- Timmy …

Some of the Most Irritating Gags in American Kiddie Shows

Here's a list of some of the most irritating gags ever:

Spongebob failing his driving exam too many times isn't funny anymore to the point I really feel sorry for a character who doesn't exist.  Really does Nickelodeon ever have sympathy for him?!  It's been at least seven seasons or more, to be honest enough is enough!  If they can't get Spongebob to improve then it's really better to have no more new episodes of Spongebob though I won't mind seeing Spongebob stuff on the department stores, just ENOUGH of that stupid gag already!  That's why in Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon, not only did I turn Spongebob back into a good guy but also made him pass his driving exam fair and square, even made him own the Krusty Krab after Mr. Krabs was destroyed by laser guided karma.

Rita Repulsa's headaches.  In Zyuranger, Bandora's headaches are just occasional and not done ALMOST EVERY EPISODE because it was getting freaking irritating already.  Rita's hea…

The Zyu2 Idea of Chris X

Well Chris X has organized a rather exciting concept but yet to be executed maybe due to his busy schedule (he's got to earn a living you know!) or the sudden rise  of this legendary story Shadows of the Azure which is a series that makes me want to check out Blazblue and Persona, two series I'm ignorant about.  Instead of writing it in my Super Sentai blog, I'll probably talk about my thoughts or hopefully inspire the idea to get started for this legendary fanfic writer.  Now here's what I think of the ideas:

Just a guide to his proposed Geki/Burai/Mei love triangle, hope it helps:

The fan made Jason/Tommy/Kimberly love triangle which could have happened in MMPR but maybe, Saban's writers just didn't want to add too much drama compared to Super Sentai.  Chris X's plan is this triangular strife...

Chris X revealed his plan for this love triangle to come to existence.  So Burai's returned from the dead, probably not even bound to the rules of the lapsele…

Keeping Villains Cartoony for Cartoony Shows

I was thinking of how to keep villains cartoony for children's shows that is based on TV-Y7-FV ratings (which is why I tend to dislike Power Rangers though I don't hate it).  Now for some of those rules:

He-Man's Skeletor was usually presented as a cartoony, bungling villain compared to his supposed inspiration from the Robert E. Howard villain Thulsa Doom.  While Thulsa Doom (no, not the movie version acted out by James Earl Jones) was a vicious and sadistic madman who menaced both Kull and Conan (that is in the comics), Skeletor was just hammy.  Skeletor however in the live movie was far too different from the cartoons version, being more scary and competent like even killing his own henchman due to a PG-13 rating.

For the evulz seems to be the rule of these villains that is evil just for the sake of evil with no real purpose.  If you've seen the 1985 movie Santa Claus starring David Huddleston as Santa Claus and John Lithgow as B.Z., you might want to take a look at…

My Top Picks for Most Unique Beauties of Different Eras

I'll do a list of classic beauties from childhood to their replacements. Hee hee, it would be very bad not to acknowledge those who had withered away because without them, new bunches of flowers can't be there! Now for the different eras in no particular order:


Taiwanese actress Liu Xue Hua. Too bad she never had a child of her own but good thing she adopted at least two to inherit her late husband Deng Yu Kun's estate so it doesn't go to waste! Lately she's still pretty and she managed to keep her amazing figure for quite some time! She could actually play as Liu Yi Fei's mother.

Joan Lin- Jackie Chan's wife. She's one of those ageless beauties. I've seen her later figures... though she lost her figure due to age but she's still pretty. Hmmm too bad she and Jackie Chan never had a daughter together.

Bridgette Lin... Qin Han's old love flame in the past. Lately she's still pretty even with all the signs of a senior citizen. Sad to s…