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Birth of Sailor Venus? Hee hee hee.

Well here's art that comes out of art... and the pun here is that Venus the Roman goddess of beauty (Aphrodite in Greece) was born out of the sea either without parents or by Zeus and the ocean.  Enjoy!

Vanessa Hessler Pictures I Found as of June 30, 2013

Well it's a month ender and I thought these pictures will really be good to end with a bang.  Well she's really, really steaming hot. Is she a reincarnation of the Roman goddess Venus LOL.

Our Potential People to Play as Aphrodite

Well here might be a new generation of girls to play as Aphrodite in the movies.  They are...

Vanessa Hessler's a really blonde hottie, really tall (5'11) and is really, really hot.  She would be for me the perfect candidate to play the goddess of beauty.

Emma Roberts is currently 22, still young and she is hot but she's only 5'2 but still, she can play a good Aphrodite.

Ciara Hanna, I wouldn't deny she will make a really hot Aphrodite.

Some Eye Candy Show Stealers and Movies

Well here are list of films I thought really had significant eye candies that sort of "steal the show".  It's a sad fact really that men can be very superficial.

Raw Justice is a pretty bad movie for me with plot and execution.  For one, I thought that the plot is so poorly executed but you'll have to admit that a much younger Pamela Anderson was so smoking hot before she had all those surgeries!  She's got a very minor role in here but she basically got focused by some critics.  To be honest, using her as a cover wasn't very good considering she is not the main character but if she was, it'd be okay.

Power Rangers: The Movie... yup that non-canon film where Lord Zedd and Rita both screwed up major time but later resumed power at the end of it.  I would admit that Amy Jo Johnson was really a smoking hot babe, for me she stole my attention from the rest of it.  I think she basically stole some attention in PR Turbo which was for me the worst PR film ever. …

Classic Pamela Anderson Pictures I Found as of June 27, 2013

Here's some more classics to go by... 

Rin Takanashi vs. Ciara Hanna- A Really Hard to Handle Hotness Battle

Who's hotter?  You decide.  Just a thought on these mind blowing pictures... that will set you on fire before you can vote.  Hee hee I bet you'll blow your mind off.  Here's Rin Takanashi and Ciara Hanna.

So it was a normal day at Starbucks and just a thought they're both really hot.  Hee hee hee.

Next, you might find yourself unable to choose whose cup to share with... they both look so pretty.

You might want to consider their smiles are really intoxicating.  But Rin Takanashi seems to display the kind of charm Amy Jo Johnson has and not the other.

Yup by nature, they're both hot beauties.

They're both ridiculously hot.

 They're both really alluring figures. =P  Oh boy I really can't choose.  For one, Rin reminds me of my crush on Amy Jo Johnson as a child and while Ciara Hanna's a whole new beauty.  Now my mind blows up!  Blam!  I'm done for... not really.  Ha ha.

So vote before your head blows off... LOL.

Professor Raiden

Well I once could say, "No doubt he is Raiden."  Why was that?  Made me think that he really was weird to have a College professor who freaked me out many times.  In fact, he would be absent in situations such as if there was a lightning storm yesterday then he is absent the next day (as he was really stressed), when it rains he does not show up, one time a typhoon in China happened he was also absent and the funniest had to be when he got mad with a classmate of mine during the time he showed up when it rained, voice of thunder followed.  The worse had to be the coincidence when it kept raining for the past few days before he released all of the failing marks or Fs.  Hee hee hee, he really is Raiden. =P

My Thoughts on Ciara Hanna

So far, I haven't seen her outside Megaforce except a non-speaking role in i-Carly though it's delightful to know at 18 years old, she was in one episode of "America's Next Top Model" and she had acting experience in "The Bold and the Beautiful" for 19 episodes as a minor character named Summer to which I want to see her performance and she had one appearance in "The Protector" as Marci  Heller in the episode "Help" all before Power Rangers Megaforce which may explain why she can act quite well.  I can't really call her outstanding but she does her job as Gia kind of well compared to the rather "wooden" performances in Power Rangers Samurai.  For Power Rangers Megaforce, I think she really knows how to act though I can't consider it all outstanding but she can act. =)

Here was one of her earlier pictures I saw, she is really really hot.  Quite a different impression that I had with Brittany Pirtle who is more on the…

Character Types That I Think Tend to Ruin Comedy

Well for comedy I thought that here are the kinds of characters that really tend to ruin comedy like...

Well you can have really extremely arrogant characters among the main cast of protagonists.  For one I may be a fan of Victoria Justice and I watch that show for her BUT Jade West is so much of an arrogant bitch.  I like strong women but an arrogant bitch is always different.  Seldom I just want to ring Jade West's neck out of defense for Tori Vega.  Man or woman, it really freaking annoys me.

Overly stupid characters that mess up the situation even further than help it.  There are times Cat really gets me angry in Victorious.  The worst case scenario was when Tori Vega and her friends were STUCK in their RV and she dilly dallies... really she could have KILLED THEM!  What makes them really hard to deal with is that they are so stupid they can't see it that they are wrong.

Moronic characters that DO NOT contribute to plot.  Yup to be honest, I think I could have stuck throu…

Some of My Inspirations of as a Writer

Well there's been various sources of my inspirations for writing and here they are:

Crossover games.  Well there are Mega Crossovers between two companies or within companies.  In my case, I was a fan of the Marvel vs. Capcom series until the third game was so bad for me.  However there are some like MK vs. DC (which I wasn't interested due to my biases towards DC) which I am now trying to attempt to write Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel Comics. But I do NEED some help for MK vs. Marvel.

Kamen Rider Heisi era for me has provided me more inspiration than the Showa era.  The reason is because Kamen Rider feels like a J-Drama these days loaded with the right pacing of using monsters of the week with ever brewing plots.

Well-written action drama and movies.  Yup I would agree it's one of the things that really would inspire me as a writer.  In fact, this is why I opened my Oriental movie/drama blog in the first place.

Super Sentai is a very big part of my inspiration.  It does inspi…

What Could Be Victoria Justice's Response to Hate Fics

Well this is just a wacky pic of Victoria Justice but I think that's her response to hate fics against shows in Nickelodeon.  Hee hee, I just love this!