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Other Obstacles to Foreign Investment in the Philippines Aside from the Mandatory 60/40

Removing the 60/40 is NOT a guarantee foreigners will invest in the Philippines.  Here are other obstacles to foreign investment to deal with...

Poor peace and order.  You can name it with the squatters in Tondo to the high rates of crimes that don't go unpunished just because the masterminds are rich.  Who wants to invest in places like Tondo or Basilan?  Even with a grant of 100% ownership, nobody would want to invest in a crime infested area.  One could mention those annoying leftists like the Anak ng Bobo, Bobo Muna and Migraine International.  One can also see the rampant kidnapping of people for ransom.  One can see how Imperial Manila is a crime infested city!  Invest and maybe you don't see returns.  60/40 won't be so bad if it wasn't for bad investments!

Poor source of employment.  Apparently most Pinoys consider jobs like factory worker, janitor, construction worker or any menial labor as "lowly" and "shameful".  They would rather have hig…

Why the Philippines Should Not Overly Rely on American Aid

While I'm definitely no anti-American leftist, it's good for the Philippines to have America as an ally but the problem lies is... is the Philippines overly relying on American aid?  It can be a problem answered with a yes looking at the situation.  The Philippines isn't doing anything to develop itself like encouraging more economic development among locals and foreigners, it does not encourage a change of policy for the better, it's plagued with mediocrity, it's a society that's definitely carrying the bad traits taught by Imperial Spain.  Even if Imperial Spain is gone, the values of Imperial Spain are now carried over and taught by Imperial Manila.

One must realize that the Philippines has become a parasite to the U.S. rather than an ally.  The fact that the Philippines always needs U.S. assistance is proof of how incompetent the government is.  Stuff like job development, opening up the economy, taking care of peace and order, cooperating with the success…

Contemporary Filipino Entertainment Portrayed in This Video?!

Let's just face it- gone are the days of quality Filipino films, series and movies which are either as bad as most Murican series or worse, I can't really say.  But one this is sure, this parody video of President Nobita dancing Gangnam Style can tell what's utterly wrong with Filipino entertainment. =P  Other than that, let's see President Nobita implement the cybercrime law just for this video!

Why Joint Ventures Must Not Be Abolished

While I'm saying get rid of the 60/40 Only Policy of the Philippines but as said, JOINT VENTURES must still be made AVAILABLE.  So I'd say the start of a more open economy is the use of the 50/50 joint venture policy (for fairness, my preferred package if I were a foreign investor) which can go to 40/60 and 80/20 which more or less, the foreign investor is still in power but under the regulation of the government.

Having studied the basics of International Marketing with a highly competent teacher, I remembered there are really advantages of joint venture for foreign investors.  International joint ventures is where a foreign investor and a local company form a separate legal entity.  This kind of agreement sets the foreign market to KNOW the country better before it may consider getting 100% ownership in a sea of uncertainty.

Just to get the basics of joint venturing, here are they:
It is a strategic alliance of two or more companies.  This is where they form a partnership …

Some of The Philippines' Enemies to Self-Sufficiency

In order for the Philippines to be self-sufficient, it must identify some of its enemies like...
1.) The country's Pwede Na Yan Culture or the culture of mediocrity.  After all, isn't it what's keeping the Philippines from improving?  The countrymen have poor production standards, poor infrastructure, poor standards of living, poor health, poor education and it's all said as Nobita says it, "That will do." even if the situation needs to be remedied.  It's a problem not to fix problems like drainage, reckless drivers, shoddy manufacturing processes, cleanliness... if the government refuses to solve them, how can they have good governance and raise standards?  And it goes to invade the school system where academics is reduced to a mere piece of paper... as long as they submit a thesis (even if it was a spurious one) then the teacher lets the student pass. 
2.) The bad habit of tardiness.  If one things tardiness helps, think again.  The Little Miss Late sy…

Victoria Justice Picture for June 27, 2014

Well I'm really amazed at how hot she is in here...

An Eye Opener: OFW Economy Can Ruin the Filipino Family!

Here is a video of the film "Anak" with subtitles for those who cannot understand Filipino.  The film itself has a more or less realistic picture of OFWs but fails to show why they are plenty or why the Philippines is poor.  Some OFWs are heroes, others are not.  But the film shows an honest to goodness OFW... and as said, there are always abusive employers who tend to dislike foreigners in general, not just Filipinos.

Looking at the scene above (which is close to the finale), here we can see how Carla (acted by Claudine Barretto) had literally wasted all the money sent by her mother for her.  At the same time, one can see the problem of foreign workers being estranged from their families.  Now only IF the stupid economic policies of the Philippines such as mandatory 60/40 and oligarchy will be removed, allow 100% ownership for foreign firms are approved, only if they get rid of mediocrity can situations like the one in the video be avoided.
It's time to get rid of the …

Victoria Justice's Pizza Shirt

Well this picture makes me want to take her on a date in a pizza parlor...

Satirical News: Wife Beats Up Husband for Spending Money on a VIP TIcket to President Nobita's SONA

The husband spent the 20,000 worth of money to pay for the VIP ticket to the next Nobita's SONA.  He was among those who lined up.  While he previously said that the money for their household expenses was stolen, later the wife found out that her husband spent the money for a VIP ticket to the Nobita's SONA.  Unfortunately the quarrel lasted all night and both husband and wife are locked up in jail.

During the whole interview, Pebbles Bato mentioned, "I don't know why my father is such a Nobitard.  All he does is think Nobita's carrying his mother Cory's policies are good.  To be honest, we are not blessed with 60/40... I mean look at the large migration of Filipinos."

Is Entertainment the Pinoy's Top Priority?

I thought of the top incidents when people are putting TOO MUCH priorities on entertainment rather than important stuff.  Okay I do have entertainment, it's nice to have entertainment but putting TOO MUCH priority on it!  Just made me think of the typical Pinoy conversation can be this... sports, entertainment, upcoming concerts...  and they are ignoring important stuff such as the Philippine economic situation, the corruption in the government or the need to CHANGE their bad habits!

It's really something to think when people cry over not getting a VIP ticket to the next year's One Direction concert.  There were OTHER tickets.  And crying over that 1D ticket?  I'm just glad not everyone cried over it.  Some of them just accepted that the VIP wasn't for them.  Well I wonder if they had money to pay for their necessities?  As said, I can afford to buy one of those tickets but I'd rather buy a Samsung Smartphone or anything I can take home and use all over again. …

Would You Spend High Priced Tickets for a VIP To Nobita's Remaining SONAs Until Term is Over?

While it can be understood if teenage fans of One Direction were crying over the VIP tickets sold out, I was thinking what about Nobitards?  Nobitards are probably MUCH WORSE than those teenagers who cried over the tickets being sold out.  And well here's one thing I can say, I'm not a One Direction fan BUT I'd rather listen to their concert than listen to any more nonsense from President Nobita's mouth.  One has to realize how Noytards are worse than those teenagers at the One Direction line.

Obviously Nobitards are like the minions of Despicable Me. They are all yellowtards regardless of age.  One Direction is aimed for younger people.  However No Direction is most likely aimed at all who are Nobitards.  One Direction those were teenagers, immature but Nobitards?  Many Nobitards are VERY immature and one may expect more TRASH from President Nobita's upcoming SONA this year and the next two years of the Nobita Administration!  So how much might they be willing to…

There Should Be NO Special Treatment for Pork Senators!

How long will the Philippines keep up with following the unjust systems of other countries in the world?  And it's no wonder why it's "more fun in the Philippines" for some.  Commit a crime if you are at a higher level, you might consider the cycle of Pinoylitics.  Campaigns, wins, steals money, placed on trial, goes to St. Luke's, pardoned, runs again... which reminds us shouldn't Erap have been disallowed from running in ANY office?  Shouldn't have Bongbong been impeached years ago?  Also Enrile?  And many more!

It should be disturbing to how the Nobita Administration is an administration of No Direction.  You COULD consider these facts.  President Nobita spends so much LESS MONEY and overprices the Yolanda bunkhouses but what about the pork barrel cells?  Nobita is still defending his allies to no end no matter how wrong they are.

The pork barrel cells looks like they are a room for guests rather than a room for pigs!  That kind of room should have bee…

That Life After Breakup... and Remaining as Friends!

Sometimes I think why I used my ex-girlfriend and why that relationship had to end.  I did have some trouble getting her back as a teenager, I did get for for a short while but in the end, it was never meant to be at all.  I did give thought on the matter especially that I did pursue her.  After I got her for a short time, she realized that there was somebody my heart was not able to let go or so I thought.  She figured out that she was becoming a substitute, that I was using her and she had noticed some of my shenanigans.  And what were they?

So which was that on every birthday of my so-called first crush, I always made that excuse to go away.  She discovered that I was "yearning" for somebody else or so I thought.  Which of course I wanted to really or so I thought, get back to my so-called first crush.  I mean I never admitted I liked my first crush, only my so-called first crush.  And I began to think the moment I thought my former best friend "stole" her, whi…

Satirical News: Fujiko Movie Studio Releases Sneak Peek of New Anime "The Misadventures of President Noybita and Doraemar"

"After 20 years, the cartoon character Filipino children always watched on TV became a President of their country, the Philippines." became the tagline of the new Anime scheduled by Fujiko Movie Studio.  The plot revolves around two characters namely Noybita a stubborn, whiny guy from the rich clan called the Nobinos and Doraemar, a blue colored robot from Japan who is sent as his political adviser.

The whole series revolves around the plot that Noybita had become the president 20 years after he was a cartoon character children always watched on TV.  Now that Noybita is the president of the Philippines, things happen for the worse.  Unlike Nobita in Doraemon, Noybita never married Shizuka because he never went beyond his whiny, somewhat crazy and loser personality.  Doraemar was a robot cat that the Nobinos purchased from Japan to be their family butler.  Since Noybita unlike Nobita was born rich, Noybita never learned to improve but kept leaning on his parents.  One of hi…

Pinoy Pridists and Their Bloated Ego

During the whole Blood Stained Singaporean attack on all Filipinos which is uncalled for, the Pinoy pridist has also stooped down to the level of the author of Blood Stained Singaporean.  Unfortunately Pinoys have their badge above with the mark of the "bloated, oversensitive ego".  And how true.  One might consider all the incidents that happened.

I guess Pinoys are getting a taste of their own medicine huh?  For one, I was thinking about this textbook.  Sad but true it's very easy to generalize Filipinos as domestic helpers in Hong Kong because most of htem are domestic helpers in Hong Kong.  There are Filipinos who work as cooks, waiters, accountants, etc. but most of them are domestic helpers.  Some ultranationalist Pinoys got mad and called it racist.  But one thing was failed to be brought up was that Pinoy pridists are RACISTS too.  They think they are the greatest race in the world and look down at other races.  The truth of the matter is that for Pinoys, being …

Oldie But Goodie: Why the Pinoy Drug Mule Problem?

While looking at the recent events concerning an "offensive" Hong Kong textbook that has stereotyped Filipinos as domestic helpers, I've also considered how non-glamorous it is to do menial jobs like being a carpenter, laborer, domestic helper, etc.  It might also explain why some lazy Pinoy men instead of looking for whatever work they can, don't work because it's very "nakakahiya" or embarassing in English.  It reminded me of Russell Contemplacion's story in "Magpakailanman" when that good for nothing husband of hers refuses to do work and lets the wife do all the work.

Now here's the tempting side of being a drug mule.  Being a laborer means sweat all day, being a domestic helper means sweat all day, being a carpenter is sweat all day... and even with higher salaries abroad, it's never enough to fill in for extravagant living.  There is the problem of "must have everything high class" like must have the latest iPhone …

Filipinos Almost Everywhere Around the World: A Good Sign for the Philippines?

One may remember the sudden migration of Chinese almost everywhere.  My Hokkien relatives and my Cantonese relatives left China during the Mao Zedong regime.  Under Mao's regime, a lot of Chinese ended up migrating to different parts of the globe.  Even before Mao Zedong, some Chinese have willfully migrated China for other countries from the Philippines or even to the West.  It was not a good sign for China for many of its countrymen leaving China.  And right now, the same thing is happening to the Philippines.  A massive exodus of Filipinos leaving.  You have Filipinos working in different parts of the globe.  While the Pinoy pridist may brag and say, "That's evidence we Pinoys are taking over the world." have they even stopped and paused for awhile to think WHY many Filipinos are leaving the country in the first place? And it's NOT Filipinos taking over the world, it's Filipinos MOVING around the world looking for a better place to live in!

Let's think…

Pamela Anderson as a Teenager

Well here's yet another pretty Pamela Anderson when she was a teenager...

Vanessa Hessler Pictures for June 18, 2014

Now it's time for more pictures of the Italian beauty, Vanessa Hessler.
Love her no make up look!

The beauty relaxing by the sea...
Probably nature's most beautiful woman as of current...

The Nobita Liberal Party and Pwede Na Yan

As President Nobita says, "Pwede na Yan" or "that will do" is a very damaging mindset that would hinder Filipinos from exploring their full potential.  I mean, I even want to hypothesize that why brilliant Filipinos succeed abroad but not on the Philippines is because of the Pinoy's "pwede na yan" mentality.  Now we might take a look at some of the Nobita Liberal Party's incidents.

Take the Rolando Mendoza hostage situation for instance involving Hong Kong tourists.  Because of the "pwede na yan" mentality, just think of HOW incompetent the Pinoy National Patola were in handling the situation. Worse, President Nobita just laughed over the matter, thinking it was funny.  Taking a look at how the Pinoy National Patola are in their training, I doubt it they can handle those well-armed illegal Chinese who need to be take care of.

Pinoylitics is Basically Aliens vs. Predator!

If one has heard of the Aliens vs. Predators movie, it was basically a race of two lethal extraterrestrial races namely the Predators vs. the Xenomorphs.  Both are basically a threat to Earth.  I mean it's a bad guy vs. bad guy scenario.  And that's what is wrong with Pinoylitics... regardless who wins the Philippines is destined to lose anyway!

One may want to remember the 2010 elections.  President Nobita (right) vs. Erap.  Erap was even allowed to run again IN SPITE of the jueteng scandals that really deserved him to be impeached.  And why was he allowed to run?  Simple pinoylitics is about WINNABILITY NOT CREDIBILITY.  What voters ignore is that the Ninoy Aquino of the PHP 500.00 bill is NOT his son President Nobita.  And one may also think about the Aliens vs. Predator situation that was also Macoy vs. Cory.  Neither Macoy nor Cory really left the economy in good hands when both terms ended.  It's always money grubbers vs. morons- whoever wins the Philippines is alwa…

Why Blood Stained Singaporean is Hate Speech

Just in case people think I support everything Singaporean as good, I don't just like I don't consider everything Filipino as bad.  It's utterly foolish for whoever the unknown Singaporean writer is to generalize all Filipinos as bad just because of Flor Contemplacion or some nuisance workers.  There are some honest to goodness Filipinos in Singapore.  And if you think about the proposal of "segregating the Filipinos" it was NOT a government proposal.

I mean a Filipino can choose to have the Pinoy habits or not like being late and being inconsiderate.  It's up to a Filipino to be a victim card player like the members of the Nobita Liberated Party, to be ethnocentric like Bobo Muna or would they want to be the better.  I mean I would dare say there are also lazy Singaporeans as lazy people exist everywhere.  Problem is, in the Philippines more so or in other 3rd world countries, worse than the Philippines.

One may consider the whole hate speech of suggesting S…

Oldie But Goodie: Why Hating Other Nations for Executing Guilty Filipinos Won't Help the Philippines

It's no doubt one of the many bad fruits of Pinoy protectionist policies is not only a closed economy that forces Filipinos to go abroad, one may also consider the sad reality of protecting guilty OFW.  Apparently the mindset of the Pinoy is this, "Pinoys can do no wrong.  If the Pinoy is guilty abroad, then he or she must be innocent." which is really stupid.

The problem began with the March 15, 1995 execution of Flor Contemplacion in Singapore after a three year and three months investigation.  One might consider the whole situation of "I HATE SINGAPORE" which was rallied with burning of the Singaporean flag by some leftists.  A film was even directed by Joel Lamangan which also had two of Flor's sons Joel and Jun Jun starring n the same film.  The film was acted by Nora Aunor as an anti-Singaporean film portraying Singapore as the "ultimate tyranny" in the light of North Korea.  Many Filipinos chose to believe the leftist film "The Flor …

Oldie But Goodie: Do Bar Exam Results Determine the Success of a Lawyer?

It's an old news but I feel like I need to write this one.  In life, grades do not always determine success.  Actually sometimes we see those who are delinquents and don't study at all, tend to go to failure.  But studying is NOT the only determinant.  For the field of law, one might figure out about the bar ratings.  In fact, even Miriam Defensor Santiago herself admitted she almost failed the bar herself!

One might think Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. is a good lawyer because of his consistent valedictory ranking and his 85.25% bar rating in contrast to Miriam Santiago.  Atty. Aguirre here is also the lawyer of Lacson, Duterte and the lead counsel of Webb.  And also, he is a lawyer for the Nobita Liberal Party.  But looking at the Philippine education system, the system itself sucks as it's very left behind.  Outdated information in what should be updated. A lot of DepEd textbooks are prone to multiple error and are recommended over textbooks from credible sources.  More theory,…

Satirical News: President Nobita's Nose Grew During Philippine Independence Day Speech!

As if President Nobita did not cover enough of his faults, the Independence Day at Bicol, Carcar caused quite a commotion. A  student at Naga in Bicol called him the "Pork Barrel King" and his "administration abusive" which he immediately dismissed as "lies".  However as he continued to speak of the adminstration's "success", some medical condition happened to President Nobita.

Every time President Nobita said something about the Philippines being 116 years of independence, his nose grew.  Other stuff during his speech that made his nose grow some more was thanks to him saying he has nothing to do with the current situation.  When he mentioned that 60/40 is to protect local businessmen, his nose grew yet again.  When he mentioned that the Philippines is a growing economy, his nose grew again.  When he mentioned he was against "ampaw policy" the more his nose grew again.  His nose grew all the more he kept blaming Gloria Abobo and …

Why Pinoy Pridists Should Form THEIR Own Separate State!

If one can remember the problem of Mao Zedong vs. Chiang Kai Shek, the only solution was to form two separate states.  Chiang Kai Shek went to Taiwan island to form the Republic of China while Mao Zedong formed the People's Republic of China.  I just had a thought for Pinoys might as well do the same.  After all, they hate foreign influence don't they?  They want a pure Pinoy culture do they?  I just had a thought there might be a few uncharted, unregistered islands below the Philippines for them to form their own separate state!

So why form their own separate state?  They hate America?  CHECK!  They hate foreign investment?  CHECK!  They think they are the greatest?  CHECK!  They hate... well the list can go on.?  CHECK!  The Philippines will have America as its ally, the Philippines will get some foreign investments in spite of the ridiculous 60/40 because it's still better than Africa or most of the third world, the Philippines still has the Visayas as a business basket…

What If I'll Marry My First Crush Instead?!

I was thinking of the fact we're both 29 and single so what's the big deal?  Just my thought that after searching my past and present, she was really the girl I wanted.  Two the more I think about my so-called first crush, the more I think it was all but a lie and my heart yearned for someone else.  The same thing for that girl back in high school who I wanted so much but later lost interest in, or my ex-girlfriend.  So we're both single and she doesn't like the pressure of others who are marrying and having kids already.  So I was thinking what if she's the one I'll marry instead of my friend who looks like Pamela Anderson?

In my case, I was thinking what life can be for me and her.  To be honest, I hardly have any contact with her in person.  But sometimes your life partner may be a bigger surprise than you expected.  She's pretty modest to think most of the time, she is pretty simple with her lifestyle.  She does eat expensive food only if the value is …

Chogokin Cho Gattai... Doraemon?

So Chogokin Cho Gattai has done Disney and now Doraemon?  This is the set involving Doraemon with his sister Doremi, Perman, Korusoke, Chimpui and Gonsuke.  Here's the robot outcome of Fujiko Fujio's robots:

A pretty awkward robot if you ask me.  Though I was thinking that Chimpui is more of an accessory to this otherwise non-existent robot.  Now only if Nobita could pilot this to beat Damulag's troops in Spratlys!

Delicious Tamarind Jam

Here's another item that would be worth for the Philippines.  This is tamarind jam from Profoods International Corporation, which is one of the Philippines' better business models.  So what's great about tamarind jam?

Tamarind is one of the greatest tropical fruits around the tropical ares, and the Philippines is one of the best growers of tamarind.  The fruit itself is used to make several delicacies like tamarind candy, which for me is one of the best things in Asia.  I'll just admit I dislike the way Thais prepare their tamarind with chili, it's just not my type.  And when made into jam, be ready for a strong punch of a flavor!

For one, this jam has the taste of tamarind, which is sweet and sour in a delicious way.  And I love to spread this on my bread because of its taste.  But again, I am also a fan of strawberry jam and mango jam but this tamarind is one unique flavor pack!  I would buy this whenever I can to get its unique flavor.

Vanessa Hessler Pictures for June 11, 2014

Here are some pretty Vanessa Hessler pictures for showcase
The prettiest sight in here...

 Naturally pretty...
A beauty by the ocean...

The Pinoy Pridists' Twisted View of Philippine Independence Day

Since tomorrow is Philippine Independence Day, it might be good to take a good look at the Pinoy's view over the Filipino's view.  As stated, Pinoys are lowly citizens of the Philippines who because of their supposed being "purely Filipino" think they are above everyone.  A Filipino on the other hand is the good citizen of the Philippines.  And one might remember in the past, the term "Filipino" was not meant for the natives of the country but for the pure SPANISH descent born in King Philip's new territory.  Hmmm... interesting huh?

 So what's the Pinoy's definition of Independence Day?  It's probably a Philippines only of Pinoys, by Pinoys and for Pinoys.  A Philippines free from foreign influence.  But to think of what Philippine Independence Day means, it means freedom from foreign control NOT from foreign influence.  The U.S. got its independence when George Washington fought the British but later, the U.S. still had relations with Bri…

Just Went to Pizza Republic Today!

I just had my break at the Pizza Republic for a lighthearted snack.  Sure the line was long but it means that the place is doing well... traffic in a restaurant can tell the quality of food for most people.  What makes the whole place fancy is that, you get to select the toppings of the pizza you want created, they use an old-fashioned oven in a high-tech establishment to do the cooking then poof- you get a really good pizza.  
Above is a picture of the finished product since I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the people at work since it will worsen the situation of the long line that time.  The taste was really unique in its own way with an Italian not American thin crust and all.  In my case, I had three different type of pizza with some friends to which I am more than eager to enter this place again.