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Funny Video: President Nobita Serenades Everyone!

Now here's No Direction's band leader President Nobita as he serenades the public with his AWWWWFUL music... fortunately the Philippines is still in one place...

Who is the Failipino and Who is the Filipino?

Some people are thinking that the term Failipino is degrading all the citizens of the Philippines.  However I would like to clarify the huge difference between the FAILIPINO and the Filipino.  So let's get started shall we?  This is to clarify that if there are Muricans (bad Americans) and true Americans, if there are Sporeans (bad Singaporeans) and Singaporeans, if there are Chinkese (bad Chinese) and Chinese... there is also the Failipino and the Filipino:

It's time to define the Failipino first, before we define the Filipino.  The Failipino is one who is Filipino (by blood) and is the Filipino version of the Ku Klux Klanners or Nazis.  Such a person believes that only those who are Filipino by blood (never mind that the Filipino race descended from Malays, Indonesians, Spanish and in some areas, EVEN CHINESE) are the greatest.  He or she is not willing to change the bad stuff which he thinks make him "nationalistic" (at least in their own school of thought). To th…

Understanding the Failipino's Arrogance and the Philippines' Decline

The Failipino arrogance is one good reason why the Philippines won't move forward.  There is always the immutable truth that before greatness must come humility, before greatness comes a humble start.  But the Failipino's ego is inflated with arrogance.  It's always known with their label of "Pinoy Pride" which is"Proud to be Pinoy" for the wrong reasons, even when it's not worth getting proud about.

Now let us talk about four signs worth looking out for the Failipino's arrogance.   This will at least help understand the Failipino culture and why the country is in decline:

"I don't need your advice, I know everything..." is probably what rings in his head.

1.) Failipinos think that they know everything

One of the reasons why the Failipino is arrogant is with their "stuck up, know it all" attitude.  It's one of the reasons why they don't accept any form of constructive criticism.  While destructive criticism shoul…

Some Reasons Why the Philippines' Exports Can't Exceed Its Imports

One of the biggest problems for the Philippines is its self-sufficiency.  If the Philippines expects respect abroad, it must earn its respect.  But how can it earn its respect IF most of its standards are sub-standard, below par, no seeking for improvement and you may want to thank the oligarchy for that.  Now for some reasons why I think why the Philippines' exports can't exceed imports.  It doesn't take a doctorate in any business related field to understand this!

A lack of accountability always gives way to haphazard manufacturing.  Remember the Chinese melamine scandal?  China was shamed when its health minister had a lack of accountability.  The Chinese government made sure that he was executed along with other accomplices.  Sadly in the Philippines, there is a lack of accountability.  It can be evidenced by faulty inspections (thank to bribery system), a lack of scrutiny fo businesses and you may as well consider that most people engage in the crooked practice of dou…

Hmmm I Want a "Pet Mogwai"

So yeah the Mogwais were dangerous (most of them) except for Gizmo... and fortunately they're not real.  So what I was thinking is that since they are not real, I want to get myself a toy Mogwai for the sake of display.  I mean, I have had toy dogs, I want to get a toy raccoon and I want a toy Mogwai which is pretty hard to find... =P.  So I thought I want the battery operated one or not.  But still, I just want to get one of them.

From the movie, the rules were never get him wet, never expose him to bright light nor feed after midnight.  Which I just thought, fortunately this one gets wet and never releases any evil versions of itself, it doesn't need to be fed (come on, it's not real) nor will it perish under bright light since it's not real.  However if it comes too expensive, I might as well drop it from my wishlist.

Mo Twisted is A REAL TROLL!

You can tell by this screen shot that he is a malicious schemer!

Of the the biggest problems of the Failipino is their unhealthy fandom and not to mention, they are always, and I mean always deceived by the stupid sensationalism of ABiaS-CBN and Ginago Mga Audience, mostly ABiaS-CBN.  Now just made me think that after I have given up on my Mo Twisted following his trend, he has resurfaced with his obvious nuisance, thinks he's so funny but to be honest, I really, seriously think this guy is a real menace.

Plus, I can't forget what he did to Rhian to slander her with an obvious lie.  And it's no mistake how he displays his sexist attitude wit what he does towards women, treating them as toys.  Nobody and I mean NOBODY should treat anybody as objects!  Any woman who goes out with him is disrespecting herself.  Any guy who idolizes him and following in his footsteps is disgracing himself.  Seriously, men and women of sense should boycott this guy and hurl every last lie he h…

Failipino Politics: A Lifelong Cycle of Incompetence, Crookedness and Political Dynasties!

Obviously Nobitards want a second term for Nobita...

One of the biggest problems of the Philippines is the usual cycle of incompetence, crookedness and political dynasties.  One may also think about how President Nobita was voted in the first place- not because of his qualifications but only because of his father Ninoy which is DUMB and DUMBER!  And one may think of how corrupt (Macoy) then stupid (the late Cory), where is the Philippines going then?  It's an obvious Aliens vs. Predator War- regardless who wins, we lose!

One may remember the reason why the late Ferdinand Macoy became president in the first place.  It was his popularity as a speaker and a lawyer.  He won the hearts of people with fair speeches and the result was a 20 year dictatorship.  Then they all got bored of King Ferdinand's 20 year monarch, they protest and then Cory comes.  The 1987 Constitution amended some laws to prevent long dictatorship BUT at same time, kept the oligarchy system in power, just unde…

Satirical News: Rurouni Kenshin- Kyoto Inferno Hits No. 1 at Philippine Box Office For Five Days, Bobo Muna Representative Neri Cuckonares Submits Anti-Japanese Law!

After Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno hit the Philippine Box Office at number one at the Philippine Box Office for five days straight, Neri Cuckonares decides to submit yet another ridiculous law called the "Anti-Japanese Law".  After former Bobo Muna Representative Toady Casino had failed to stop the screening, Neri Cuckonares submits the Anti-Japanese Law.

"The Philippines has lost its sense of nationalism by preferring a Japanese movie over our Filipino movies.  This is an outrage, a disaster to our love for country and all things Pinoy!  I have drafted the Anti-British law to prevent One Direction from performing here next year, today I submit the Anti-Japanese Law which I want to be published as soon as possible. Worse, President Nobita has gone crazy when he declared Rurouni Kenshin the national Anime of the Philippines!" said Neri Cuckonares in an interview.

The Anti-Japanese Bill was previously written by Toady Casino and now it was modified by Bobo Muna R…

Ciara Hanna Pictures for August 24, 2014

Ciara Hanna with her dog...
I wonder what she's thinking about?

Satirical News: President Nobita Declares Rurouni Kenshin as National Anime!

President Nobita in order to gain the people's support of the Nobita Liberal Party declared Rurouni Kenshin as the "National Anime".  President Nobita was last seen with Doraemar Roxas wearing a samurai costume to declare Rurouni Kenshin as the national Anime of the Philippines.  Both President Nobita and Doraemar Roxas went to watch the screening of Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno with fellow No Direction members Kill Henares, Pink Lacson and Money Villar all went to watch Rurouni Kenshin's screening night.  They were all spotted wearing samurai costumes and got VIP seats.

"That movie was.... beautiful!  I could not believe how awesome Takeru Sato was in his action.  Oh my!  Only if we can get our local industry to do a movie that great!  I would admit Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno is a great even.  Hehehehehe... I even sent somebody from the Malacanang to go to buy me that ticket.  I am glad they came as ambassadors.  At this point, I hope to improve Japanese…

Satirical News: Toady Casino Apprehended by Cops For Attempting to Stop Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno Screening!

Bobo Muna member Toady Casino caught by policemen as he tried to stop the screening of Rurouni Kenshin!

Bobo Muna party member Toady Casino was apprehended by cops after he was caught with his fellow Bobo Muna members in their attempt to stop the screening of Rurouni Kenshin:Kyoto Inferno.  They were unable to attack the premiere event last August 7, 2014 due to the tight security offered by President Nobita.  During the screening, Toady Casino wanted to sabotage SM Mandaluyong's cinema to prevent the screening last August 20, 2014.  He was however apprehended by cops before he could do anything to stop the screening of the movie.

Later Toady Casino was released just today after authorities forced him to watch the movie and the Anime.  Toady was tied down to a chair during the premiere night at the VIP seat while his mouth was taped with a silver tape to keep him quiet.  He could do nothing else but get upset at the the fact he was forced to watch a movie that was not a Pinoy prod…

Satirical News: Representative Nutty Cuckonares Passes Rolando Mendoza Bill!

Bobo Muna House Representative Nutty Cuckonares just passed a new bill called the "Rolando Mendoza Bill".   He planned to celebrate Rolando Mendoza as a hero especially on his passing away of Rolando Mendoza who was killed during the Manila Hostage Crisis of 20 Hong Kong tourists.  Eight Hong Kong tourists were dead during the time Rolando Mendoza wanted his position back.

"I cannot see any braver man of nationalism but Rolando Mendoza.  By holding those 20 Chinese tourists hostage, he has helped free our nation from undue foreign influence.  We will never forget his brave sacrifice.  Only if he had not died during that day, he could have helped us avenge the deaths of Elizabeth Bitayin, Ramon Non-Credo and Sally Violationa who were unjustly killed in China.  Those yellow demons have infested our country long enough, only if there were more people like him to free our country from the influence of Chinese for the sake of Pinoy Pride!" said Rep. Cuckonares during a…

It's Qualification, NOT Gender That Matters!

One of the worst things to happen in a world today is gender biases with promotions.  I mean, it's easy to look down at a competent female boss and love your incompetent male boss for a sexist male and the opposite can be true.  But what is reality is that, gender is NOT the issue of qualification when it comes to a promotions although I honestly wouldn't be sending women to do super duper exhausting jobs like coal mining.  Now for my point on qualification over gender for promotions:

Sometimes some women have more balls than men do (and vice versa).  I mean, it's downright wrong for a woman not to take charge when she can take charge.  Then again, being a man or a woman is NOT the issue but qualifications.  Nobody should be promoted for gender... because it will only create dull leadership in the process.  A stupid woman is just as stupid as a stupid man, no questions asked.  When a male boss refuses to promote an incompetent female, it's not sexist but rather it'…

Pictures of Chinese Training Their Cops

Now only if the Pinoy National Patola will get THIS kind of training... hahahaha!  I'm pretty impressed with how these people are very well trained of people qualified to be cops!  Well I would suggest sending a Kung Fu master to shape everyone in the Pinoy National Patola!
Practicing martial arts:
These women in action WILL kick butt though I think they stand out better in strategizing since women usually have sharper minds! And we have these men, unlike the PNP, learning their kung fu!

Now only if I can find a picture of the girls doing this too... Long Fist!

Not just limited to the field, they are taught to fight in dirty situations!

Remembering the PNP's Poor Handling of The Rolando Mendoza Incident

Well what a better day to write about this than on the death anniversary of Rolando Mendoza which is tomorrow, the former decorated police officer who was removed for corruption charges, demanded reinstatement, led a hostage crisis and died in the process.  What I would want to tackle here is what Failipinos may purposely ignore is how the Pinoy National Patola was very poor in handling the situation.  For Failipinos, they are already the best and that there is nothing to improve.  For them, they are the greatest and nothing goes wrong.  But the incident proves otherwise.

The incident can happen anywhere, yes it can but the tragedy could have been lessened in the process if it wasn't for incompetence by the Pinoy National Patola.  So what was wrong with the police in that situation?  They were not ready i.e. not even enough equipment.  One can consider also the lack of tactical thinking.  In the Art of War, you don't win the war always by strength, you also need deception.  T…

Amy Jo Johnson in Her 30s Pictures

Here's some pictures of Amy Jo in her 30s still looking hot!

The Problem of Using the Late Ninoy for Nobita's and Bum's Selfish Wishes

One of the worst problems today of the Philippines is that Failipinos are in the first place, probably the ones responsible for the continuing political dynasties.  Okay I don't know why some people argue Ninoy was no hero but here are some things (at least) I have learned about him.  He fought against the Macoy-controlled media, sought to decrease presidential powers (which now President Nobita is seeking to reverse that) and you might as well think.  In fact, one must think that the late Ninoy was concerned about restoring democracy though his wife poorly handled the country by not removing the oligarchy system Macoy left behind.  But one thing was certain, Ninoy was certainly an opponent of the Macoy's power abuses.  Plus, it was aimed that the presidential powers should be limited especially 20 years of Macoy dictatorship left the Philippines severely crippled and the effects are still here today.

One thing is certain, Nobita was a pretty much of a reverse of his father. …

I Also Wanted to Kill Myself Over My First Crush!

I just had my thought to why I even wanted to kill myself over my first crush because I had basically "disgraced myself" when I had fallen her for. So what was the issue?  I'm Chinese by blood, she's Spanish by blood and I had to deny all my non-Chinese ancestry JUST BECAUSE it was a disgrace and as if, ancestry can truly hide itself.  Mind you, both grandmothers are 1/4 Filipino and can't be denied they are dark-skinned (the again brown skin is VERY Asian)... so what's the whole reality?  It was just because of "fallen honor" because I was expected to marry only Chinese.

So the issue was this,.. I took a vow of honor killing that is, I swore to actually KILL HER if I can't get my feelings over her.  Stupid isn't it?  And one thing was certain, I did attempt to kill her once only to find myself unable to... it was an uncontrollable feeling.  Either because her personality attracted me being the nerdy but lively type or it was because I just…

The Philippines is FULL of Yellow Journalism!

The term "yellow journalism" can be defined as using melodrama, romance and hyperbole to sell millions of newspapers.  It was first used by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer who were both rival newspaper owners.  The color yellow was main character of the comic book "Hogan's Alley" called the Yellow Kid.  R.F. Outcault was made to work for Hearst and in response, Pulitzer had a cartoonist create another yellow kid hence the term began.  In America, you have them in the form of tabloids but let's talk about the Philippines' own yellow journalism.

Yellow journalism is very rampant on the media from newspapers to well... TV.  You can always think of the acronym ABS-CBN can actually mean, "ABias-CBN", "A Biased Stupid Corporation Broadcasting Nonsense" or "Aquino Broadcasting System, Cojuanco Broadcasting Network" to which is the pioneer of yellow journalism.  No surprise that aside from being ran by an Aquino/Cojuan…

Rhian Ramos Howell Chilling Out

Here's Rhian Ramos Howell chilling out... I would admit she is another icon of being girly yet powerful...

Nobitards are Brainless Zombies!

It's a sad thing that there's the possibility of another six years of moronic yellowtardism with President Nobita assuming that's what the Nobita Liberal Party wants.  As far as concerned, Doraemar's show business campaign is there and regardless who wins, the Philippines loses.  So what's in the mind of the Nobitard?  It's probably worth describing as NOTHING in it.  They are brainless zombies!

For them ANYTHING that's from Aquino IS good never mind that Nobita is NOT his father Noynoy.  While the late Cory may have refused to remove the oligarchy system left behind by the martial law, you CANNOT deny that the late parents of Nobita at least, managed to regulate the Presidency and at least, managed to save a certain degree of the country from certain collapse.  Well Erap did bring the whole country down AGAIN with all his reckless spending and plunder.  Unfortunately Nobita ended up just bringing the economy down AGAIN with his stupid financial plans such…

Are Failipinos THAT Short-Sighted?!

One of the biggest problems that hits the Philippines today that turns Filipinos into Failipinos is the value of being short-sighted.  Being short-sighted means to think only of now and not plan at all for long term.  No wonder Failipinos are very spendthrift and lazy, they want to be in a perpetual state of bliss which is just utterly impossible.  Now for some incidents:

The HK textbook incident or any other incident proves how short-sighted Failipinos are.  After Failipinos were depicted as "domestic helpers", Failipinos got angry and caled it racist, they say HK should apologize.  And has the Philippines apologized to Hong Kong over that MUCH BIGGER Rolando Mendoza incident?  President Nobita just treated it as a joke, well at least Sherap no matter how much I want to see him executed, did apologize to Hong Kong!

Remembering the No Direction ahem One Direction ticket line incident, it was a show of how short-sighted people can be.  And why the chaos?  It wasn't as if …

My Suicidal Attempts Because of a Girl...

After reading some people would commit suicide over a guy or a girl, I wanted to reflect on my warped side that I wanted to commit suicide over a girl and she was my so-called first crush.  I just thought of why did I want to commit suicide in the first place because of her?  I was thinking of my suicidal event over this girl which had lasted for quite some time, especially and maybe at one point, I did really like her though I did have an agenda over her... that was I wanted to be a partaker of their family wealth which was my I wanted her and later discovered, I did actually lose interest when their business downsized.

Until now, I still regret using my ex-girlfriend to help forget my so-called first crush.  Although even after the break-up, she still wanted to help me get over my suicidal tendencies because we remained friends.  I thought about how it's just wrong to date someone to forget someone.  I really didn't like my ex-girlfriend, I just thought of dating her to fo…