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Trying To Understand The Stock Market Changes Based On Economic Factors

I may be no economic genius or anything but trying to learn the fundamentals of economics. Now it's time to look at some of them. I just decided to analyze fromGet Smarter About Moneyto know some of these factors that affect the stock market.

1.) Interest rates

From what I see, interest rates do affect the stock market. If interest rates are high, that means there is less borrowing since wise business decisions say you DO NOT borrow at a high interest rate. If you are charged with higher interest, it can really affect your profits because you will be charged higher interest. Interest is the charge for borrowing money. It's beneficial to the lender like bank depositors but it is a downside for the debtor. You may earn more money as a depositor and it may be the best time to sell but not the best time to buy. Higher interest rates means share prices may drop soon for buying.

2.) Economic outlook

This is based on expanding and contracting. In the face of expansion, demand will inc…

Satirical News: President Nobita Suspended From Playstation Network!

President Nobita known to be a video game player (and a loser at Playstation Network) just made a crude remark to Mortal Kombat players worldwide.  While he was playing Mortal Kombat X online, he soon read the news that the last generation console was canceled.  Not soon enough, he stepped in to an online community and wrote, "You still have the Playstation 3 right?  That will do." to Mortal Kombat fans who still don't have a PS4 shortly after the cancellation.

However, this did not do so well.  It was confirmed that President Nobita skipped the earthquake drill which happened a few days after Tremor became available as downloadable content.  Rather than attend the earthquake drill, he decided to download Tremor and try using the new character.  Because of that act of incompetence, President Nobita has been suspended from ever playing online for his comment.  When President Nobita is allowed to play online again still remains to be arranged (TBA).  As of late, PSN has d…

So Mortal Kombat X Has Been Cancelled For Last Generation... Not Too Much A Big Deal For Me!

Well life has never been a bed of roses or two, even roses have thorns right?  So it's been cancelled and if it can't be done, it's better than having a broken product.  So really, I was waiting and then... blam!  But if it can't be done, then it can't be done, right?  So it's time to get a refund for the pre-orders.  Meanwhile... I still want to tell the console snobs that they may have their "victory" now but it's no reason to bully others.

When I think about it, I DID NOT immediately get a Playstation 3 when Mortal Kombat (2011) came out.  I still stuck with my Playstation 2 and waiting for prices to drop.  I just played my cool games in the old school system and got my PS3 last 2013.  So really, by waiting I was able to get my Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition instead of having to pay for the four DLC characters, had the Klassic Costumes and you might consider, bought stuff at a cheaper price.

Satirical News: Habitually Tardy Pinoy Filipo D. Hippo Loses Case Against Lucio Tan!

The case of Filipo D. Hippo vs. Philippine Airlines' Chief Executive Officer Lucio Tan has now Raged after a few months of pending since more cases had to be answered.  Senator Judge Miriam Defensor Santiago Served as the Presiding Judge of the case to Hippo's case against Tan. Atty. Antonio Tinio attended to the case of Hippo believing that it was a case of severe and purposely done misinformation but was terrified at the look of Senator Judge Santiago who began a rather short trial. Tan was defended by one of his lawyers who chose to remain anonymous.

As part of the case opened by Atty. Tinio in Hippo's behalf, Tan was accused of providing misinformation that caused the plaintiff to miss his flight.  Hippo was shown to be crying and telling Senator Judge Santiago that he was lied to by Philippine Airlines about the schedule.  He also stated his statement, "I am never late, time will wait for me." to justify why he showed up one hour late to the trial which only …

A Look At The Inside of Lolo Kigoy's Boneless Lechon...

Here's another unique boneless lechon treat.  While I have written about Cebu's lechon, now here's another one.  Lolo Kigoy's Boneless Lechon in Cebu which hopefully will soon open in the malls too or hopefully, become a nationwide franchise.  For a bit of history, the name of the establishment was named after Koki Escalona's father Kigoy.  I got the history from here.
Here's the front view of Lolo Kigoy's boneless lechon.  At first, it looks like another boneless.  But take note not all lechon are created equal.
 Looking at the sides, you can see it's infused with spices.  Now it's time to get a chop and see what's on the inside!

Victoria Justice And That Yummy Burger!

I'll just admit that the burger really looks delicious!

Victoria Justice Picture For August 27, 2015

Well here's something really breathtaking today... WOW!

Just My Personal Preferences: I'm Usually More Attracted To Hot Caucasians Over Hot Orientals!

I would admit that my preferences for beauty appreciation are usually both Orientals (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and in some cases Vietnamese) and whites.  However even if I am ethnically Chinese of Fujian and Cantonese descent, I found myself more attracted to attractive white girls instead of orientals in a number of cases.

One good example I love to raise is how I'm attracted to Kimberly over Mei.  No matter how much I scream my opinion that Zyuranger is better than Mighty Morphin' (which is equivalent to me screaming I prefer an orange over an apple, never been fond of apples that much).  Mei is cute, Kimberly is hot.  I just thought of why I even think about my choice (Kimberly) vs. Mr. Smith's choice (Jasmine).

Nothing was more painful and funny at the same time than my long-term denial was falling for that Spanish-Filipino girl who ends up looking (in some way) to Rin Takanashi and that she was the one my heart yearned for all that time.  I was in denial that she wa…

Rising Beauty Bella Thorne...

Well here's another beauty that had caught my attention namely Bella Thorne and I'll admit, just a few more months before she's officially 18 years old.  Although I haven't really watched anything much with her in it, I thought she really is pretty much a unique beauty.  I would think that she has that look of innocence, the red hair, the fair skin, in short I really find pretty white girls hotter than Asian beauties.
On the other hand, I pretty thought she and Brandon Thomas Lee (the son of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson) were a couple but she's out with Greg Sulkin instead.  Well that's that isn't it?

Remembering That Pretty China Girl I Courted...

I just thought of that pretty Chinese girl who somewhat resembled like Liu Yi Fei as part of my rather complicated love life.  Although she sort of looks like Liu Yi Fei, she was a real geeky girl of a pretty short stature.  I would admit I developed the freaky habit of stalking her while I was still going after my ex-girlfriend, another love interest who looks like Bea Saw, a girl who looks like Haruka Suenaga, my real first crush, my so-called first crush and the Lady Deathstrike of my life.

I always thought of that girl as my instant revenge ticket against my so-called first crush believing she cheated on me with my former best friend.  When that habit was developed with stalking her, she had also noticed that I tend to be a player myself.  I always thought about how often it is every time I develop a crush on a woman, I would want to play around with their feelings because I still thought I liked my so-called first crush, unaware that deep within, I was in love with somebody else…

Vanessa Hessler Picture For August 24, 2015

I just thought of my impression on Vanessa Hessler and I really get this, "Woah she's hot!"  I haven't seen any woman that hot in some time.  I'd say she is a hotter version of Pamela Anderson.

Satirical News: Migraine International Honors Rolando Mendoza As A Hero!

Migraine International after the failed release of the Plor Kontemplasyon Story in 3D have decided to launch a film in honor of Rolando Mendoza.  Just today during the death anniversary of the controversial cop, Gary Martinez of Migraine International spoke about making the Rolando Mendoza movie which he plans to nominate during the Imperial Manila Film Festival.  A press conference was held at Rizal Park, Manila where they held an afternoon to celebrate Pinoy Pride.

Members of Migraine International namely Russell Contemplacion (who is still working to get her surviving twin brothers Joel and Jun Jun out of jail) held a day to honor Rolando Mendoza as a a hero.  A statuette of Rolando Mendoza as tall as he was got unveiled made of indigenous materials to honor him as a hero for the nation.  Only Filipino food was served by Migraine to celebrate Pinoy Pride while effigies of Filipino-Chinese like Nobita Aquino, Manny Pangilinan, Edward Cu, Lucio Tan, Henry Sy and John Gokongwei were s…

Trying To Understand Currency Devaluation

I'll admit I'm no economist but hey, it doesn't mean I can't understand the basics of economics or the discussion of more qualified people right? As of late, China is having a currency devaluation. In my quest to understand whatever I can to preserve my mind from decay, I would try to get what I can to learn about the pros and cons of currency devaluation.

Currency devaluation on the upside means that the economy becomes instantly more competitive, that is the country becomes more competitive with its labor sector. This in turn will tends to generate more international demand for the locally produced goods, thus cranking up growth. On the other hand, it's also bad because it tends not to be neat and easily controlled. It can also create an inflationary spiral if the relevant economy also happens to be bumping against supply constraints. Import prices can increase which in turn can spur higher wage demands.

On the other hand, a currency appreciation is where it incr…

Amy Jo Johnson-Giner And Her Daughter Francesca Christine

So we see one of the most unique beauties in the 90s.  Although she married pretty late and had her child at 38 years old.  I thought that it's a good thing she has a daughter now though I wonder if she has plans for another child now she's turning 45 this year and it might not be safe.
Selfie time!
Well looks like her daughter will be a blonde version of her.

Cindy Crawford And Her Daughter Kaia Gordan Gerber

Unlike Pamela Anderson who sadly doesn't have a daughter, fortunately Cindy Crawford had passed her genes down to a female offspring.  For some reason, I think it's quite a misfortune if all your children are just males or females.  Now for the pictures...
Cindy Crawford in her teenage days... really pretty!
You can tell that she's really passed her genes down... fortunately Cindy has aged gracefully and now she's got a daughter looking like her.

A comparison of Cindy in her prime and her daughter would tell you that her daughter and her have strong similarities...

What If Pamela Anderson Had A Daughter?

When I thought of Pamela Anderson having two sons, I always thought about the "sad fact" (at least for me) that she doesn't have a daughter. I was thinking of what it could have been if she actually had a daughter aside from a son?

Looking at the children of Pamela Anderson and her former husband Tommy Lee, they are looking pretty good as they are growing up so I really thought it was too bad they didn't have a daughter.  Sideline, too bad her son Brandon Thomas isn't hanging out with Bella Thorne as I thought. =P  Too bad they never had a sister.

Young Pamela Anderson Pictures For August 18, 2015

Well it's time to have some appreciation of classic beauty... and me hoping I can marry my friend who looks like her... 
She's indeed a very unique beauty... 
The beauty by the seaside...

Pretty in pink!

She's got that cute big doggie...

I just love that pose...

Leaves me breathless...

Love that smile!

Oh so pretty!

A beauty by the seaside!

Satirical News: Neri Cuckonares Submits "New Filipino Heroes Bill"

Neri Cuckonares of Bobo Muna after he wrote the "Respect For Filipino Time" bill decided to file a new bill called "New Filipino Heroes" bill which he believes would strengthen Filipino nationalism.  Due to the current battle between the Philippines and China over Spratlys, Cuckonares filed the "New Filipino Heroes" bill as hopeful retaliation.

Based on the new bill written by Rep. Cuckonares, the following provisions were written:

Due to the row with China and that they have executed Sally Villanueva, Elizabeth Batain and Ramon Credo who were framed up by Chinese syndicates, that their innocence was not respected... the Philippines will declare them as national heroes for the country.In respect of Edz Ello's case in Singapore, Flor Contemplacion will be declared a heroine for the Philippines as a symbol against tyranny and oppression.Any Filipino hero with Chinese blood will be removed from the list of heroes.  For any Filipino who got executed abroa…

Eating Some Delicious Marang AKA Johey Oak!

During my trip to Surigao Del Norte, here's one delicious fruit called Marang in Filipino and it's English name is Johey Oak.  
While it may look like durian but there is a different smell.  When we were bringing it along the land trip, I always felt like some people were complaining about the smell.  Some of them preferred durian while I preferred marang.  I always found durian's smell to be "unbearable".  Like durian, marang was not to be brought in the elevator to where I was staying because it might emit a smell that might be unbearable for the guests. 
The husk itself is very soft when ripe requires extreme caution or risk breaking it along the way.  When you open it, you will see several different seeds attached to the core, each seed is wrapped in its delicious meat.  The taste itself is like a combination of guyabano (soursop) and jackfruit (langka).  You eat it by simply getting its meat then spitting out the seed like you would eat a star apple (atis).…

Victoria Justice Pictures For August 14, 2015

It's time for some Victoria Justice pictures for today...
What a load full of books...

She's getting dreamy again...

Reading Different Type Of Books And Travelling The Great Ocean Of Imagination

I always thought about the idea that not so many people appreciate reading these days.  I mean, most people prefer a website if it had one or two pictures.  I just thought about what Belle said in Beauty and the Beast, "Some people use their imagination." to a rather boorish Gaston.  So I always thought about my type of girl, personality-wise would be someone like Belle.  I usually like the nose stuck in a book type of lady.

Why do I feel books are like water?  I'll admit people can learn faster through video presentations and I enjoy watching videos and pictures but as said, some people use their imagination.  When I started reading some classics like William Shakespeare and Victor Hugo, I started to use my imagination on how things happened.  When I start reading interesting books explaining certain topics, not having visuals give me a freedom of imagination how certain people look like.  Even when I enjoy having pictures but I would prefer to have my time imagining. …

What If Lee Kwan Yew Were A Pessimist?

Whenever I think, "Screw it!  The Philippines is hopeless!  Screw my ancestors for leaving China for the Philippines instead of America!", I always thought about how Singapore wasn't always Singapore.  In fact, you might want to call it Stinkapore because it was a war-ravaged poor country that just gained its independence from Malaysia.  Whenever I feel like the Philippines is hopeless and when I look at the legacy of Lee Kwan Yew, I thought. "Screw it!  What if Lee Kwan Yew was a pessimist?"

When Lee Kwan Yew took over Singapore, the entire city was so poor and ravaged.  I guess people back then had no discipline.  But instead of being the pessimist, what did he do?  He decided it was time to fix problems such as crime rate, poverty, unemployment and corruption.  He did not care about popularity and what he wanted was for Singapore to rise up.  From 1965 to 1990, he started to implement new policies such as caning against certain offenses.  He was raising an e…

Satirical News: Chinese Government To Donate Escalators To Certain Government Offices In Imperial Manila!

Chinese minister Wang Yi had decided that it was time for a peace offering or is it?  After the recent trail of tragedies caused by escalators provided by Shen Long Ltd., many suspect that this is a trap.  The recent news of China had suspended the use of elevators provided by Shen Long Ltd. because of the safety standards.

Wang said he has no intention of peace upon donating the elevators that were produced by Shen Long Ltd. to the Philippines.  He mentioned, "I knew those elevators were defective after the investigation so that's why I am donating them to the Philippines in certain government offices in Imperial Manila.  I have read all the rude generalizations that were made about Chinese.  Now I will show give them the taste of their own medicine when they will get elevators from Shen Long Ltd. and not from the non-Chinese manufacturers that produce their wares in China.  I want to teach them a lesson that they will never forget.  Unless President Nobita offers a formal …

Me and Some Girl: Vegeta and Bulma Won't Work In Real Life!

Whenever I rewatch Dragon Ball Z in the later episodes, I always thought my favorite character was Vegeta for the reason well, I can relate to him.  I have my ego fragility, my desire to become better than anyone or that I am simply a temperamental man who always wants to be right all the time.  Now I always thought one of the craziest couples ever done in Dragon Ball Z has to be Vegeta x Bulma.  I'll admit I always compared myself to Vegeta especially with how I easily get jealous whenever somebody exceeds me or I'm as stubborn mule myself.... fortunately I am not that stubborn to authority but I would admit, like Vegeta I am prone to blowing up a tantrum whenever I am pricked.

I always thought nothing was funnier than the fact I found a girl like Bulma really attractive.  Like Bulma, she was unusually intelligent and attractive, almost everything I could want in a woman but she was just as high strung as I am.  When I think of my tendency to compare my life to fiction, I al…

My Great Wall of China Experience!

Back in Summer of 2007, I remembered going to a family trip to China but I haven't gone to Fujian where my ancestors came from.  The places I can remember are Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing.  Speaking of Beijing, I remembered how our tour guide warned us about the appearance of swindlers in the Forbidden City area so remember, DO NOT ENTERTAIN anybody who just sells you anything.  Now for my experience at the Great Wall of China which there was once that lie it can be seen on the moon which is NOT true.

Remembering the dark history behind the Great Wall, it was built by slaves of the first Emperor of China who is known as Qin Shi Huang.  In spite of its dark history, today it has become a tourist spot due to the magnificent architecture which according to some is worth 30 or more pyramids.  The whole place was a mountainous retreat from the rather busy traffic of Beijing.  The whole scenery is truly breathtaking to behold.

The higher you go, the more scenic the view goes and goo…