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So She Wasn't Even Miss Right?

Looking again at the fact that my first crush was somebody else and I was afraid to even admit it to myself, let's just face it.  Everything about that "first crush" issue was that, I was in love with somebody else.  So pretty much, I spent much useless energy over nothing.  Also, if it was really true love, I would have not been shocked at her rather unattractive appearance and would have just accepted it. So I'm as always, fickle.  Besides what right do I have to complain about some bad women if I were just as bad myself?

Meanwhile, I was pretty shocked to find out that my first crush is still status "single".  Hmmm is she Miss Right?  I just can't assume at all.  And also...

Same goes for material girls I've landed on for twice or more than twice.  One was a really mean bitch witch and the other was well, too trendy for my taste.  I thought trendy girls aren't going to be my type.  I'm not the type to overspend.  One of my potential part…

More About My Real First Crush

So I discovered I was lying to myself about my so-called "first crush" who I thought I was downright in love with.  Now I really had to think about my first crush and hobbies we were involved as kids.  One she was an Anime fan but never an otaku, she was pretty much a bookworm like I am, I also had my thoughts she was sort of my ideal woman- beauty, brains and character though girls like Bea Saw who are geeky, average beauty, overly smart (and my first crush is not all that smart) and slim build are more of my type.  As time passed, I thought I forgot about her nor did I have any ill feelings compared to my so-called first crush.

As far as I remember she is the studious type.  Time came when I thought I forgot about her pursuing other conquests (and that Bea Saw lookalike was my favorite target) and later dated my ex-girlfriend who looks like Mika Katsumura for a short time which had to end because I was only getting even with my so-called first crush.  Just my thought- I s…

So My First Crush Was Someone Else?

I did some self-searching only to find myself in some rather awkward situation.  So guess what?  I really would need to admit the girl I once thought was my "one true love" and whatever way back as some stupid kid, wasn't the one.  So it was more of "have to look for this and that" pressure that led to the encounter and as far as concerned, I was pained to think that I was lying to myself all these years.  In fact, I would hate to admit it having rigid, super traditional relatives is never an easy thing for me.  In fact, my so-called first crush wasn't my first crush at all.

Well I would admit that soon, I didn't see her but was starting to long for her and I'd say I haven't seen her for some time but later, I saw her again.  It was pretty simply like this- she really grew up to be real hot in fact she had some resemblance to the actress Rin Takanashi. I did remember seeing her in Starbucks and of course, we did have some long chat.  Hmmm and …

Cake Boss' Review on Sillybank: Why It's Not Worth It Investing Your Money There!

Hello guys.  This is Cake Boss whose real name is Kousei Kougami and I'm here to ramble my heart out of anger.  Why do I hate Sillybank?  The reason has to be this... Sillybank is silly.  It is very arrogant with their, "Because we're Sillybank" logo and their arrogance is so sky high.  Here's my bad experience...

I really HATE their staff and I am really not entertaining them whenever I see them outside their work place.  Mind you, why do they keep changing relationship officers?  I really find that very annoying and one gets worse than the other.  Many of them engage in arrogant bad behavior because they are Sillybank!  Last time, I really lost my temper to the point I had to call my lawyer to sue that lady relationship officer named Demona Xu who was driving me nuts by making me sign truckloads of paper and hasn't even worked on my bonds!

Why do they continue to insist on fax when the express mail is a lot more secure to give them instructions?  Do they e…

The Express Mail: Why the Fax Must Go!

As said, I am so annoyed with all these requests to fax important documents.  It really annoys me how that incompetent Sillybank always wants their requests faxed.  I can understand if they don't accept email instructions for confidential information but fax?  Really.  Have they ever realized that the fax is a very open way to get confidential information out?  I really say you want hard copy, get the express mail.  It's no wonder why Sillybank had failed its relationship with its customers because of how it treats its customers but also that annoying fax requests.  I mean, isn't an express mail enough to send secure instructions?!  Made me think that it's very, very annoying to get all that "please fax or we won't process it" type of talk.  I mean, why can't they receive the more secure express mail?  I mean, faxed documents will FADE AWAY because of thermal paper.  It really shows how incompetent Sillybank is.

Why You Shouldn't Invest Money in Arrogant Banks

Be careful of a bank that claims to be the best and has its arrogant staff.  Why?  Based on my experience, they can be such a headache and two, once you enter it can be very difficult to get out of that abusive relationship.  You could consider the following consequences:

1.) The staff are very discourteous and will drive you nuts.  Believe me, I've had to deal with bad relationship officers and they change a lot all too often.  Compared to good banks that don't change their relationship officers all too often, you can land on an incompetent staff member.  Even the manager needs to get fired sooner or later.

2.) You could consider they make your life a hassle with unnecessary stuff.  I can understand secure details but one thing is certain, you really can get stuck with signing too many papers or doing absurd requests for them.  I can understand if they want standard mailing or express mailing for secure documents but fax?  Mind you, fax machines are pretty not secure consider…

The Hypocrisy of Pinoy Pridists

Another issue worth tackling about is the issue of Pinoy pridists  Pinoy pridists are pretty irritating and are one of the reasons why the Philippines will hardly move on.  Now I'd like to tackle with them...

They tend to ridicule their fellow Filipinos who are Chinese by blood (the Tsinoys) but they enjoy their franchises like Jollibee and go shopping (or chilling out) to places like SM and Robinson;s which are also owned by Filipino-Chinese.

They are quick to demand punishment for guilty foreigners on Filipino soil but they want guilty Pinoys to be pardoned abroad.  A guilty person is a guilty person.  Period.

They want foreigners to recognize their talent but they refuse to recognize the talent of others.  Or you could also bring up the issue they gloat too much about talented Filipinos as if the whole race are all talented when not all Filipinos are. I hope that stupid Congress bill to prohibit Filipinos from bringing copyrighted materials abroad will be junked permanently sh…

Sooner or Later, Nickelodeon Girls Will Graduate

Well as a Nickelodeon fan, I would think it's time to really write about it that sooner or later, Nickelodeon girls will graduate like the AKB48 group which is something that people must accept.  Why's that?  After all, Nickelodeon is more of a career launcher than a stable career like Disney, Super Sentai, Power Rangers and Kamen Rider for the main cast.  Looking at stuff, looks like Ciara Hanna's graduation from Nickelodeon is just around around the corner after Power Rangers Megaforce, her first major role.

Emma Roberts is one.  After some time doing kid's shows and movies like Nancy Drew and Hotel for Dogs, she's crossed the line into more mature rules such as 4321, Twelve and she has starred in the adult series American Horror Story as the spoiled brat Madison with one provocative scene after the episode her character got molested.

I think Victoria Justice's graduation may just be around the corner.  Hmmm I wonder what mature roles she will take on?

Ciara Hanna and Music?

Well it looks like Ciara Hanna is into music.  I just wonder what's her next career?

Juan Ponce Ernile Playing Bejeweled on Senate? That's Worse than Vitaliano Aguirre Jr.'s Incident!

Well, well this really proves that Philippine politics is crap, incompetent and so on and Pinoy pride isn't helping.  I thought it was just a computer generated shot of Enrile playing Bejeweled but it did happen DURING Miriam's speech.  Now why do I say it's worse than Vitaliano Aguirre Jr.'s "covering ears incident"?  Let's see...

Looking back at last year's Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. incident, was it really that bad?  Not really.  Remember Aguirre just kept silent and cupped his ears because Miriam Santiago was over the board angry that time.  Later he admitted he did it because he wanted to get his message across Miriam should really learn to tone down her voice and anger.  I know this is wrong but at least, he was still paying attention.  You can still hear when your ears are cupped, you just hear less.

On the other hand, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile had done worse.  One he is of higher authority and displays how much of a hypocrite he is.  Whil…

That Uneasy Feeling When I'm Near That Pamela Anderson Lookalike

Hate to admit it but there's also that "uneasy feeling" whenever I'm near that Pamela Anderson lookalike I met back in College.  My reasons?  Well she may be a nice person but let's just say, sometimes being too pretty can be an obstacle.  In fact, I was hesitant to befriend her because I felt that burning sensation whenever I was near her.

For starters, she's a brunette not a blonde like the real Pamela Anderson prior to dyeing her hair.  I would say she was very arresting.  I guess there's always an uneasy feeling for me whenever I'm near somebody who is that unusually attractive.  My thoughts also go that I've been in self-denial for years in what I really wanted and all... so probably that's why that uneasy moment arrived.  However I have become quite friends with her and I hope to pursue a healthy relationship with her based on her personality and not her appearance, she kinda reminds me of that Bea Saw lookalike I used to fancy.

I would …