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What I Feel Like Watching Super Old School Tokusatsu Older Than The 80s!

It's never a matter of old school or new school when it comes to good or bad quality. What's old can be good or bad and what's new can be good or bad. You can't just say that it's old school or new school then you're dismissing it. You can't just say because it's new then it's already good. It's a matter of how something is delivered. Some old school games will inevitably age badly when new school games produce something that will inevitably overshadow the former.

I just had a thought on what it is to actually watch "That 70's Tokusatsu." It's no secret that I'm not having much of a problem with new school Kamen Rider. No matter how bad Heisei Kamen Rider may get (at times) but most of them gave pretty good servings. I usually prefer mostly old school Super Sentai but I usually feel like Goranger up to Sun Vulcan may not be my cup of tea. I usually can't watch super old school Super Sentai to the point that I end up st…

The Lovely Kayla Coffland

After Megafail's well Mega-Failure, I really couldn't watch Power Rangers anymore. I thought I'd give Ninja Steel a chance for stupid reasons when I read all the possible auditions. Kayla Coffland was part of those auditions. But after she didn't make it, I thought I'm not giving Ninja Steel a chance either. 
Love her smile.

Gracie Dzienny's Fall Pictorial

What can I say? She's really looking gorgeous here! I'm tempted to call her the most beautiful woman in the world right now... but that's just an exaggeration. 
Must love that smile!

My Shallow Reasons To Stick Around With Tokusatsu?

From the 1990s up to 2016, I can't deny that I've got some stupid reasons to stick around Tokusatsu. It's namely EYE CANDY. But I can't deny that eye candy can't save a bad show but it won't save a good show. So I'd probably talk about some stupid reasons. Right now, Kamen Rider EX-AID has the pretty nurse Asuna Karino as a stupid reason to stick around and Zyuohger has Amu as a stupid reason to stick around. Amu's actress Haruka Tateishi looks like Tammy Chen who was my stupid reason to stick around Lavender's sad story.

I could still recall why I watched Mighty Morphin' as a kid. It's because of my crush on Kimberly though my first Tokusatsu crush was Hikaru who was dubbed as Kimberly. In-between them, there was also Maskman's Momoko and Turboranger's Haruna. While I do find MMPR rewatches painful now due to Jason David Frank but I can't deny I still like Kimberly over Mei in terms of appearance and actress. But still, a Zyura…

Gracie Dzienny Picture For October 11, 2016

She's having some fun at the beach... 

It's Funny That Most Of My Favorite Shows Aren't In English...

Back then, I usually took interest in American media over everything else. Although I'm not anti-American but I haven't been interested in it lately. Maybe it's because most American media is stupid? Plus, I can't accept the whole notion that something is better because it's in a language you can understand. No, a show isn't better because of the language. It's better because of the content. Fortunately, there are subtitles but back then, there weren't subtitles.

I started to do Internet searches and I started discovering a lot about it that some of the American shows I watched were also based on Japanese shows. I discovered that Power Rangers was an American production based on Toei's property called Super Sentai and that it's a joint production between Toei and Saban (with Saban as its front because it's an American production). I also learned that Lion Voltron, Vehicle Voltron and Saber Rider were based on Toei Animation's Golion, Da…

Satirical News: Liar Dilemma, Antonio Trollanes IV And Edgar Matobobo May Be Registered For The Olympics!

As the Senate hearing on the alleged extrajudicial killings go, signs of Liar Dilemma, Antonio Trollanes IV and Edgar Matobobo running were shown. President Rodrigo Duterte himself decided that the Philippines may soon get the best representatives. As a solution, he made a proposal to register Dilemma, Trollanes and Matobobo to the olympics.

President Duterte said in Tagalog, "They love to run so we might as well register them to the Olympics. Maybe, just maybe we'll find better use for these clowns. They're wasting our time in the Senate and a lot of taxpayers' money. So instead, I decided to register them for the Olympics so they can at least do something useful."

Stay tuned for further developments.

Gracie Dzienny Picture For October 4, 2016

This picture caught me breathless. It's looking like a classic portrait but it isn't!

Amy Jo Johnson As Kimberly Pictures For October 4, 2016

It's time for another set of classic pictures of Kimberly Hart...
I can't deny she's got that figure.

I still can't forget this expression.

I Find It Strange That I'm East Asian But I'm Usually More Attracted To Attractive White Girls

I can't deny how it's funny (but true) that somehow, there are times when somebody prefers the opposite gender outside their own race over their own. I think it's a good thing to establish what I call as an "inter-color" marriage at times.

For East Asian women, I think some might white men get attracted to the slanted eyes, black hair, black eyes and porcelain white skin (or tanned skin for some) thinking it's beautiful. I can't blame some white men who want some East Asian women.

In my case, I tend to be attracted to brown or blonde hair, rosy white skin, and brown or blue eyes. I find this to be spitting at my own self since I'm East Asian. If white men may think attractive East Asian women are more attractive than their own, I also think the opposite. Sometimes I can't really explain what's going on with why that attraction happens to me.