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Rhian Ramos Howell And Some Delicious Lamb Chops

I don't deny it I'm hungry for some lamb chomps too... 

Amy Jo Johnson As Kimberly Pictures For March 24, 2017

Now what episode was this nightmare scene? 
Different drum anyone?
Trying to use the communicator anyone?

It's broom ball time... 

Would Belle And Beast Work In Real Life?

I hate to admit it but I've been a fan of Beauty and the Beast for many years. I always find myself having Beast's temperament towards almost everyone. I always found myself attracted to certain women for beauty or having both beauty and brains. It reminded me how much I depreciated myself in high school over a woman who I thought was so hot when she was not (but she certainly was really intelligent) or how I actually had feelings for a simple-looking girl who had Belle's attitude. I just thought why Beauty and the Beast may not work in real life. Let's put aside the magic spells and just think of how Beast's attitude may be the reason why he's cursed that way. He's probably still biologically human as far as the story is concerned.

Satirical News: President Rodrigo Duterte Secures Deal With Prime Minister Shinzo Abe To Exile Jim Parada Into Space

After Australian citizens have become vocal that they do not want Jim Parada back into their country, it has given a dilemma where to put him. Filipinos do not want Parada and neither do Australians. The matter was met by the Malacanang and they decided to talk to one important ally namely Modern Japan. President Duterte managed to secure an emergency meeting with Prime Minister Abe where they had discussion at the Malacanang.

Satirical News: Jim Parada's Intended Concert Failed After His Trollish Behavior Went Viral

Jim Parada saw that CHR defenders Filipo D. Hippo and Kasindak Puslit were arrested in Tondo, Manila. Rather than sit back and be quiet he decided it was time to launch a concert for a cause. It was called "Parada's Concert For Life" which is also called "Concert For a Cause" last March 13, 2017 and planned to do the concert on March 31, 2017 at SM Mall of Asia.

Satirical News: Habitually Tardy Pinoy CHR Vice Chairman Filipo D. Hippo Arrested In Tondo, Manila

Chaos ensued after President Rodrigo R. Duterte had signed an official ban on public smoking. CHR Vice Chairman Filipo D. Hippo was last seen leading a new rally against President Duterte with CHR Chairman Chito Gascon, Etta Rosales, Kasindak Puslit and now they were joined by Renato Reyes Jr. with a group of protesters of Makabobo. The action did not easily get unnoticed by the Department of Justice. An arrest warrant was prepared together with a surprise ambush.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. and PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa raided Hippo's house in Tondo, Manila. This was a surprise ambush on Hippo's residence. The raid was done on 12:00 MN as a surprise ambush while Hippo was singing karaoke with his fellow CHR colleagues. Samples of Marbobo and Robredo facial cream were found in Hippo's safe. It was discovered that Marbobo was actually a mixture of shabu and marijuana explaining why those who smoked it fell into states of lunacy. PNP Chief Dela Rosa and a grou…

Satirical News: Antonio Trollanes IV Challenges Manny Pacquiao To A Boxing Match In SM Mandaluyong

Senator Antonio Trollanes IV continues to make headlines. After he was voted out of the majority floor at the Senate, Senator Trollanes couldn't accept that he was going to become the assistant energy secretary decided to challenge Senator Pacquiao to a one on one fight in the boxing ring. The fight between the two senators was decided that it will be held in SM Mandaluyong.

"I am certain I will defeat Pacquiao." said Senator Trillanes.

It was revealed that Senator Trillanes' coach will be former DILG Secretary Marbobo Roxas. Marbobo was last known to attempt Chinese kung fu and was admitted at Patrick Star Hospital in Mandaluyong. Before that Marbobo also attempted to become Boy Kamen Rider but failed miserably. Marbobo will serve as Senator Trillanes' coach. Senator Trillanes was last seen practicing a group of jabs with Marbobo as his coach.

Whether or not the match will push through still remains to be seen. Stay tuned for further developments.

Reliving Some Childhood Nostalgic Moments In The Digital Age

I'm amazed that somehow, I'm able to relive nostalgic moments but in a more modern way. It just made me think of how the 90s shows are close to me in some way. Moments of the 90s can be remembered with listening to 80s-90s music, watching some of those shows in the 90s (but some of them were produced in the 80s) but there were also frustrations alongside them. So what are these frustrations back in the 90s?

Amy Jo Johnson As Kimberly Pictures For March 7, 2017

Well she's in her late 40s but I still feel these pictures are too good not to share...
Come to think of it I started off as a Jimberly shipper before I liked that useless Tommy...

Satirical News: Cynthia Patay Also Boycotted By Yellow Cab Pizza

After making a remark to boycott Cynthia Patay that Yellow Cab Pizza should be boycotted for supporting Duterte received heavy remarks. Eric Puno, Henry Lee and Albert Tan all proposed that they too will boycott Patay for her remarks.
"We don't need to the opinion of aging Cynthia Patay. She's already patay and her opinion doesn't matter. She wants to boycott us. Fine. We're making it a new policy in Yellow Cab that none of our branches may feature any of her songs or movies to be shown." said Puno in an interview.

The news reached Patay's ears that she got so mad. She responded, "Fine! They don't want to acknowledge me then the more this nation is passing through a dictatorship. They want their nation to be ruled by a dictator instead of the benevolent Aquinos. It's their loss. We are better ruled by the Aquinos especially by Kris Aquino who's most qualified to be president. Don't believe me... just ask Mrs. Loida Nicolas Lewis.&quo…

Satirical News: CHR Vice Chairman Filipo D. Hippo Assigned To Defend Jim Parada's Human Rights

CHR Vice Chairman Filipo D. Hippo who was known to have sued Lucio Tan over his missed flight and lost it now prepares to defend Jim Parada's case of harassment at EDSA. Parada caused trouble to some Duterte Youth during the EDSA Revolution now lost it. CHR Vice Chairman Hippo was now tasked by CHR Chairperson Chito Gascon to take care of the case. A new press conference was held called "Defend Jim Parada" which also carried signs saying "Laban Leila".