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Satirical News: Kris Aquino Mentions She May Be The Next Aung San Suu Kyi, Ready To Go To Jail To Protect Democracy

In the light of events that Kris Aquino will appear in a Hollywood film, she mentions in her interview where she said, "I may be the next Aung San Suu Kyi. The Philippines right now is under the rule of a mad man. Leila Dilemma is already an Aung San Suu Kyi. I may be the next. I am willing to fight for democracy. I am willing to become a political prisoner to preserve my parents' and family's legacy for a better Philippines."

Loida Nicolas-Lewis backed Kris up and said, "Mar lost and Filipinos were stupid not to vote for him as president. The Philippines would have been better with both Mar and Leni on the line but instead we have a mad man and Leni on the line. Filipinos carelessly voted for Duterte. Some people spent too much time at Yellow Cab and it is only proper that Cynthia Patay calls to burn those establishments down. This is a fight for freedom from tyranny of the Duterte administration. If Duterte becomes president and uplifts the economic restrictio…

Satirical News: Cynthia Patay Said All Yellow Cab Pizza Outlets Must Be Burned Down

The phenomenon called "Light A Fire For Kris" has become viral over the Internet. Cynthia Patay now mentions that she is running for Senator to contest what she calls the tyrannical regime of President Rodrigo R. Duterte. A rally was held last 12:00 P.M. where Patay along with a group of protesters near a local Yelow Cab outlet having signs, "We'd rather eat dirt than support a pizza chain that supports a tyrant." 
"We are in dark times. Ask Chito Gascon and Loida Nicolas-Lewis. So our video to start a Light a Fire For Kris movement was launched. I hope that this will awaken the people that we are no longer a democracy. Those who eat at Yellow Cab Pizza support a tyrant. Which is more important? Yellow Cab Pizza and we're living in a dictatorship or eating pizzas that support the Liberal Party and we're in a democracy. Because of this, I am calling support to burn down all Yellow Cab Pizzas before I become Senator." said Patay in an interview …

Gracie Dzienny Picture For April 24, 2017

She's naturally pretty...

Yes it's indeed spring time because of her =)

Satirical News: Liberal Party's Plan To "Light A Fire For Kris" Movement Goes Viral Over The Internet

It is already in the news that Kris Aquino herself will appear in a Hollywood movie called "Crazy Rich Asians". Now Loida Nicolas-Lewis said in a CNN interview, "If Kris Aquino can appear in a movie called Crazy Rich Asians then certainly, she can boost her popularity rating. She is the new hope of the Filipino people. By starring in this movie she can gain her attention that will certainly land her in the Senate. I suggest that all Filipinos must watch Crazy Rich Asians when it shows so they will see how worthy Kris is to become their senator and future president."

Kris had previously stated that she is now ready to take the burden of leading the Philippines to a golden age. She has stated that democracy is dying and that the legacy of the Aquino family must be fought for. She said, "Noynoy may soon become a martyr in this new era of martial law under President Duterte. Just take a look at how Leila Dilemma and Filipo D. Hippo was arrested. She's the Aun…

I Ended Up Avoiding Two Films Based On My Childhood For Shallow Reasons?

I thought maybe it's for the best I skipped two movies altogether. One is Disney's Beauty and the Beast and the other is the Power Rangers film by Lionsgate. I even wonder what were Toei and Saban thinking? Some of Toei's producers together with Haim Saban showed up during the premiere but I could care less. So I'll talk about how I felt my childhood was "ruined" this 2017.

Beauty and the Beast (2017 version)

I hate to admit it but just looking at how Emma Watson was cast as Belle didn't appeal to me to start with. She's not as hot as the original character. While a real life Belle doesn't have to be as hot but I just didn't like Watson getting cast as Belle. Sure, the script features a different side of Belle as an inventor but I've had a hostile relationship with Disney like how they handled Power Rangers now they are screwing up Star Wars and Marvel Comics. I'm probably just having a severe case of hostility with Disney right now.


Classic Amy Jo Johnson Pictures For April 19, 2017

She's really that sexy. 
I just love that smile.
It's morphin' time.

Satirical News: Loida Nicolas-Lewis Reveals Her New List Of Senatorial Candidates

Mrs. Loida Nicolas-Lewis takes no time in her preparation for Senatorial elections 2019. She has revealed her new team called the female empowerment team which will consist of Kris Aquino, Agot Isidro, Cynthia Patay and Korina Sanchez-Roxas. She revealed her latest statement that these women of power will definitely bring the Philippines to better heights.

"I am afraid that the Senate has lost its balance in power. Only six senators namely Risa Hontevirus, Leila Dilemma, Franklin Drilon, Antonio Trollanes IV, Bum Aquino and Kiko Pangilinan are left fighting for democracy. But I believe that when we have Kris Aquino, Agot Isidro, Cynthia Patay and Korina Sanchez-Roxas in the Senate we are bound to balance the power. But first, we must move to get President Rodrigo R. Duterte to either resign or to get impeached. He must be locked up as he's about to undermine democracy. Kris Aquino will be the Joan of Arc of democracy for the Philippines. Her three years as Senator will be tr…

Pastry Time With Olivia Jordan

What can I say? This is such a sweet portrait!

Satirical News: Antonio Trollanes IV Performs The Penitensya To Get Attention But Gets Hospitalized After Performance

Good Friday is just too full of surprises these days. From Nobita Aquino performing the penitensya to a political penitensya that happened last Good Friday of 2015 now we have yet another marvelous sight. Senator Antonio Trollanes IV after losing his relevancy volunteered to be nailed to a cross. The sight was indeed amazing as Senator Trollanes showed he had a very high tolerance to pain as he didn't cringe while he was nailed to a cross.
"Well Mar already crucified himself last two years to gain national attention. Former president Nobita also did the penitensya then so will I. I hope that this sacrifice of mine will restore democracy to the nation. I hope that this act will also prove Leila Dilemma innocent and that President Duterte is a murderer." said Senator Trollanes prior to getting nailed to a cross. Those who volunteered to nail him were Nobita and Mar Roxas. 
The event was considered to be an ultimate state of epal. This called the attention of former No Dir…

Satirical News: Leni Robredo Calls For Banning Nickelodeon's "The Loud House"

Leni Robredo decided to be "relevant" yet again by proposing to ban a new cartoon series by Nickelodeon called "The Loud House". She admitted that "The Loud House" has been a insult to her due to one of its characters known as Leni Loud. Worse, the hashtags #LeniLoud have been making fun of her as of late.
It was discovered that Leni has called the character an insult to her character. She said that she lost the people's not ever since "The Loud House" was used to make fun of her. Loida Nicolas Lewis also called Nickelodeon to cancel The Loud House before it will do further damage to Leni if it is not banned in the Philippines.

"I cannot believe I have been compared by Dutertrolls to Leni Loud. I am nothing like Leni Loud." said Leni in an interview.

Netizens have been using Leni Loud as a comparison to Leni Robredo. Some netizens use the fact that Leni Loud has a big mouth because she knows almost nothing and is a fashionista to …

Satirical News: Namco To Release Tekken 7: Philippine Edition On August 1, 2017

As Tekken 7 will release its console copy on June 2, 2017 it is also announced by Namco Bandai that they will delay release in the Philippines up to August 1, 2017. The reason is because they are going to release it on August 1, 2017 is because it's the Month of Imperial Tagalog. The difference between Tekken 7 and Tekken 7: Philippine Edition will differ in content and storyline. A fully Filipino development team was already working on this game since 2015.

Here's the official word of Katsuhiro Harada of Tekken fame:

Tekken 7 Philippine Edition will not only include a joke character named B. Sibuyas and Jollibee will be an exclusive character. We will also feature other stuff exclusive and only in the Philippines. We announced we would have a Story Mode. But this time Fated Retribution will include storylines such as Mama Si Papa Napaano, Hacienda Luisita, ABiaS-CBN, GMA-7 and Kipadilawan storylines which will not be found in the original game. The plot of the Philippine edit…

Classic Amy Jo Johnson Pictures For April 11, 2017

It's time for some classical nostalgia isn't it?

Satirical News: Kris Aquino Announces She's More Than Ready To Take The Responsibility To Lead The Philippines To A Golden Age

It has been some time since Senator Leila Dilemma and CHR Vice Chairman Filipo D. Hippo got arrested. This has caused a new cause to come out as Leni Loud Robredo to finally give in to a new campaign. This campaign is called "Kris Aquino For President" movement. Leni Loud then gave her statement which said , "Kris Aquino will be the only hope for democracy. She is a woman as noble as Nobel prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar. She's going to restore democracy that the Aquinos have fought so hard to maintain for 30 years but died last year in EDSA. She's the only hope of the nation."

Loida Nicolas Lewis now appeared in an interview and repeated her statement that President Rodrigo R. Duterte must resign now while denying any plan to oust him. She said in a recent interview on CNN, "President Rodrigo Duterte is shaming the nation. Just listen to how Leni Loud is fighting for your democracy and freedom. You can't let a mad man like Duterte sit. K…

Satirical News: More Details Of Loida Nicolas-Lewis' Latest Agenda To Make Kris Aquino As Philippines' President For 2022 Leaked

The arrest of Filipo D. Hippo, Kasindak Puslit and other Commission of Human Right employees in Hippo's house in Tondo revealed more secret information. What was funny to know wast that certain Pisonet desktops, Hippo's desktop and may more contained dangerous information that could lead to possibly charging Loida Nicolas-Lewis with treason. Not only are there deed of sales between the Liberal Party and Mrs. Lewis but also the plans to make sure that the Lewises and the Nicolases will hold the Philippines by 2022.
The details of the political destabilization plot by Mrs. Lewis calle "Kris Aquino For President 2022" now reveal the secret details. After she mentioned that Kris Aquino should be president by 2022 there are other plans that could put the Philippines under her care as well as her selected family and relatives:

First, we must impeach President Rodrigo R. Duterte and make Leni Loud Robredo as the transitional president. Stop the COMELEC from doing a manual re…

Satirical News: More #LoidaLeaks Revealed After Filipo D. Hippo's Arrest

Filipo D. Hippo's arrest also led to the smartphones being seized from members of the Commission on Human Rights. IT experts who did not want their names to be revealed ended up showing that some of these operations were done in a Pisonet in Tondo. The computer where the Pisonet was used got seized for investigation. What came out was pretty shocking document between Loida Nicolas Lewis and the Liberal Party last March 9, 2017.

What is revealed are instructions for the Commission of Human Rights employees and other links that could charge the Liberal Party with treason and sedition. It is revealed that Nobita Aquino and Bum Aquino have slowly prepared documents to sell the Philippines' 7,107 islands to Loida Nicolas Lewis. The plan also involved installing as many Liberal Party senators as possible that would make a new bill effective to install the family of Mrs. Lewis as the owners of the Philippines. It also revealed her plan to partition the Philippines to the Nicolases an…

I'm Probably Interested To Date With Another Cute Nerd

It's come to my mind that I might actually be in interested to date with a cute nerd but it's not the first time. Right now, I think I'm in love with another cute nerd. I thought about searching for the "inner Belle" and some of them aren't obviously nerdy. Some of them are brilliant beauties but lack the glasses. Maybe they're wearing contact lenses instead of eyeglases. One who was an average beauty wore her glasses with pride. The smart pretty ladies of good character may have felt contact lenses were better for them.

Am I only wanting because my so-called first crush already got married? Am I just looking for a psychological replacement? It's been my tendency to fall for nerdy girls all in the name of trying to fill that void. It's becoming sort of an issue that I tend to be stuck in the past and seek to fill those gaps that don't even need to be filled. I thought I was in love with my so-called first crush but I actually had another firs…

Satirical News: Toei Ltd. Announces New Tokusatsu Spin-Off Series Called "Gohan Heishi"

Toei yet announces they will have a new  Tokusatsu series called "Gohan Heishi" which means "Rice Soldier" in English. The main character of this Failed Hero series (a name Toei came for their spin-off series of failed heroes in contrast to their usual superhero storylines) is called Akeko Teramoto. The story goes that Akeko got arrested for attempting to overthrow the Japanese parliament prior to the deposed prime minister in a failed coup. While in prison, a meteorite fell down and he accidentally ate rice coupled with the meteorite hence granting him the power to become "Gohan Heishi".

The main character will be played by Yoshihiro Fukoda. Fukoda was previously known to have played as Minoru Uesegi in Gekisou Sentai Carranger and as Joben Abunami in Shippaiman. In his quest to overthrow the Japanese parliament would include his allies Masato Rokuda (played by Osamu Sakuta who previously played Shippaiman), deposed by a vote of no confidence former pri…