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Satirical News: Kris Aquino Says She Will Negotiate For Ceasefire With The Matae Terrorists In Marawi

As Kris Aquino still does not have any timeslot, she finally admitted on an interview on ABiaS-CBn with Leah Navarro as the reporter. Kris said, "I believe that not having a timeslot on TV or not appearing in a Hollywood movie will be because I have a greater calling. I believe what Manang Loida says that I am the only hope for democracy. EDSA would have not been successful if it wasn't for her. To prove my worth as your future president I will go to Marawi to show martial law is not necessary. I can prove we can all have peace talks with the Matae terrorists."

Later, Kris had an interview with Maria Ressa of Crappler. She said, "The declaration of martial law in Mindanao is proof that the democracy my late mother fought for has died. Duterte himself is the new Marcos. The move to have a electoral recount is a death to democracy. If Bongbong Marcos becomes the new vice president then everything that the Liberal Party has fought for will be wasted. Everything from ec…

Satirical News: Loida Nicolas Lewis Says President Duterte's Resignation Is The Only Way To Defeat Matae Terrorists In Marawi

Loida Nicolas Lewis makes headlines yet again as she calls for President Rodrigo R. Duterte to resign. She says she has the "perfect plan" to help the Philippines. Her latest proposal to end the conflict in Marawi with the Matae terrorist groups is to let President Rodrigo R. Duterte to resign and let Leni Loud Robredo become the new vice president.

In an interview at CNN, Lewis said the following during an interview:

The first step to getting peace to be done in Mindanao is to let Rodrigo R. Duterte resign so Vice President Leni Robredo can take his place. I believe that there's no other way to defeat the Matae terrorists but by unseating Duterte from power. The soon-would be President Robredo can uplift martial law and we must install Leila Dilemma as transitional vice president. This is all part of the golden age plan where Kris Aquino should become the future president of the Philippines. She will replace her late mother Cory Aquino as the new icon of democracy.

I bel…

Gracie Dzienny Should Have Been CJ Parker?

I remembered getting excited for a Baywatch movie and boy was I disappointed for really stupid reasons. What I can't deny as a child was that I watched both Baywatch and Mighty Morphin aired on ABiaS-CBN. If it wasn't the Power Rangers movie where Kimberly was nowhere as hot as the original (and that's a dumb reason) then the same happened. I just felt like 2017 sort of killed my childhood in part.

What's the stupid reason again? I could name it with the actress playing Cassie Jean Parker or CJ Parker for short. It's that the actress Kelly Rohrbach is nowhere near as hot as Pamela Anderson prior to all those stupid surgeries. Now I have my wishful casting.

Call me crazy but I thought Gracie Dzienny shuld have been 2017's version of Cassie Jean Parker. She does kinda look like a young Pam in some way. So really, why wasn't she cast as CJ Parker?

Satirical News: #LoidaLeaks Reveal Plan To Launch Automatic Protest Machines

Yes! The revolution to overthrow President Rodrigo R. Duterte is under way thanks to the Automatic Protest Machines. 
As the protests for Leila Dilemma and against the martial law in Marawi against the Matae terrorists dwindle, Smartmatic comes up with a new solution. For years, they have been anticipating events where you lack support. Now Smartmatic comes up with a new solution. Antonio Mugica Rivero of Smartmatic joined brains with Lewis to come up with the Automatic Protest Machine. This was revealed through #LoidaLeaks.

It was revealed that a lack of support for the Liberal Party forced Smartmatic to create the Automatic Protest Machine. The robot itself is designed to protest for the Liberal Party. A new memory card was customized to protest in favor only for Liberal Party candidates and support the Liberal Party. The leaks were revealed that the Automatic Protest Machines are designed to help overthrow Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte.

More plans were revealed as the Pison…

Satirical News: Certain Liberal Party Members To Be Assigned To New Job Positions

In the quest to remain relevant, the Liberal Party has done one epal action after the other. The Commission on Appointments office is still considering on whether or not to confirm Antonio Trollanes IV as as the assistant secretary of the Department of Energy. Now three new proposals to be confirmed are the following namely Bum Aquino, Leni Loud Robredo, Marbobo Roxas and Kiko Pangilinan.
President Rodrigo R. Duterte decided to write the following appointments which are waiting approval from the COA:
Bum Aquino and Marbobo will be in charge of housing projects. The fact he can labor under the heat of the sun without a bead of sweat will inspire other workers to do better.Leni Loud Robredo will be appointed in taking care of maintenance of all public facilities.Kiko Pangilinan will be appointed as the new Department of Agriculture secretary. Antonio Trillanes IV may become the new energy secretary. The proposal was now passed by Senator Alan Peter Cayetano.
Stay tuned for further devel…

I'd Probably Keep An Open Mind And Watch Beauty And The Beast 2017?

I admit I wrote it that I have stupid reasons to skip two movies based on my childhood. But I thought about one of the two movies. I have no intention to watch the Power Rangers movie (and I'm not surprised with the drop). On the other hand, I could give Beauty and the Beast's remake a chance.

I thought about how stupid the reason is if I'm not watching Beauty and the Beast all because Belle ain't so hot. But there are some interesting plot points (and minus points) which either way, Beast sort of reminds me of me. I have to admit that the inner Belle is more important. Emma Watson is not that hot but she still gets the job done.

The original version sort of made Beast a lustful creature. All he mentions is how pretty Belle is and how ugly he is. He probably decided to give her a better room because of her beauty. I thought that maybe Beast has a perverted side that couldn't be shown in the film. 
The remake version has a deeper part in it. Beast's doubt about …

I Love Laurel And Hardy's Old School Comedy

I remembered watching the Laurel and Hardy cartoon. I watched it at first like every other little child would watch the 1966 cartoon. I had no idea it was THAT old. I can remember watching the cartoon series and enjoying the comedy value. But there was something that was even older than the cartoon. 
There was the Laurel and Hardy live-action comedy series. I saw both the colored and non-colorized versions though I prefer to watch it colorized. I had no idea that they were the same late actors in the 1934 film called "Babes in Toyland". I had no idea that both Laurel and Hardy were actually both the late Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy playing as themselves in a series of fictional scenarios. I had no idea that both were dead by the time the Hanna Barbera cartoon came out.

I enjoyed both the cartoon but I thought the live version was funnier. It was a brilliant combination of live action and cartoon humor. Even if it's a live comedy but a lot of scenes there are meant only …

Gracie Dzienny Picture For May 16, 2017

I have to admit her childlike innocence here is showing along with her attractiveness. This took my breath away in one glance. 

Gracie Dzienny Is A Pretty Flower Indeed

What can I say? These beautiful roses help define what she is... a pretty flower!

Gracie Dzienny At The Marc Jacobs' Events

What can I say? She's really gotten hotter!

I Tend To Flip-Flop With What I Think About American Culture

I don't deny that I once wanted to be considered American especially in my teenage years. I always thought about the American dream more than once and there's also this part of me that tends to be an anti-American or I have anti-American thoughts every now and then. So what's with the issue with my flip-flop with what I think about American culture? I could go from anti-American to U.S.A. fanatic in one easy step.

Americanized versions of Japanese shows

Perhaps one reason why I went anti-American is how often that the U.S. localizes foreign shows into their country. I pretty much understand these days that Japan and the U.S. are allies. I always keep in mind that both Japanese and American cultures are radically different from each other. What I can't forget is how seeing the Japanese product makes me, "Screw it! That's it!" about the American versions of the products.

Before I learned of Saban's contracts with Toei and cultural differences I treated a…

I'm Glad I Never Had Sega Systems Back As A Child

Before Sega stopped producing consoles, I remembered the time I actually wanted a Sega system but got a Playstation instead. I was a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon. But whenever I look back at Sega, I'm sure glad I never had any Sega system. So what was with the Sega consoles during the 90s? I remembered the Sega Genesis, the Sega Saturn and the Sega Dreamcast. 
What went wrong with Sega's innovation of its systems? Watch the video above before you continue reading the rest of this entry. 
You may remember how much junk you have thanks to Sega, You may be glad if you never had a Sega system back in the 90s. Having one add-on to another was a problem to deal with. Also, I've heard better reviews from the first Playstation (which I no longer have due to it being broken with age but had a fun time time with it) and I'm glad I got the Playstation instead. Perhaps one of the great reasons that I had was because Tekken is better than Virtua Fighter or how 3D does it …

Satirical News: Filipo D. Hippo Pleads As A Victim Of Abuse During ASEAN Summit

After the arrest of CHR Vice Chairman Filipo D. Hippo now the disgruntled and imprisoned CHR Vice Chairman voices out during ASEAN. It is revealed that he is still in Camp Crame where Leila Dilemma is in jail. He was visited by Liberal Party senators Risa Hontivirus, Antonio Trillanes IV, Kiko Pangilinan and Franklin Drilon. Along with the visitors he had are CHR Chairperson Cheato Gascon and Etta Rosales. Now he was given the opportunity to also voice out aside from Senator Leila Dilemma.

Hippo was seen in prison where he claims he has been a victim of human rights abuse. Most of his badmouthing has hit Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. the hardest. The battle between both Hippo and Justice Secretary Aguirre happened last June 15, 2015. Justice Secretary Aguirre was known to have refused Hippo's case against Philippine Airlines because of the latter's missed flight. He called Justice Secretary Aguirre a dirty and bad man of a lawyer and that Senator Dilemma did an o…

Gracie Dzienny Pictures For May 6, 2017

What can I say? She's just getting hotter!

South India's Fabulous Dosa

One of my favorite craze for today is Indian cooking. I thought I'd actually write about my adventure with eating dosa which the batter takes some time to make but it's worth the wait. 
Above is a video of how to make dosa batter at home. It's not an easy process to let the batter ferment overnight and mass producing it isn't easy. There may be a lot of new technology available to help but you can't rush perfection with making this delicious treat.
The result comes out as a delicious type of non-dessert pancake. It appears to be thin as paper but the making process isn't easy. Although some restaurants may serve it without stuffing but I prefer to have the stuffing. It's usually served alongside with a spicy soup called sambar. It would be great to have ginger tea along with it. 
Some of my favorite stuffing for dosa would be mashed potato curry, paneer (cottage cheese) or tofu. While dosa isn't necessarily a vegetarian treat but I prefer eating it wit…

Amy Jo Johnson-Giner Is Still Smoking Hot In Her Late 40s

Well it's official. It's funny how a woman in her late 40s stood out over the Kimberly for the Lionsgate movie. =P

Satirical News: Loida Nicolas Lewis Say Kris Aquino Is The Only Hope Of The Upcoming EDSA-4

Loida Nicolas Lewis revealed her disappointment to Aung San Suu Kyi's refusal to meet both Senator Leila Dilemma and Kris Aquino. Lewis wasted no time to reveal her plan to restore democracy and install the new Daang Matuwid Plan.

"If there is Plan A and it fails then there is Plan B, Plan C. That's what I have. I am so disappointed that Mar Roxas didn't become president. But there is still a Plan B and a Plan C. It's about time to move for the yellow age plan that will create a new Philippines. The loss of Mar made me think about this one that Kris Aquino has the better capacity to lead the nation. She doesn't need much experience in politics to create the yellow age that will bring progress to Filipinos. Right now, the government must work hard on a second EDSA that if and if impeachment doesn't work then there should be a new EDSA before Duterte will become another Marcos or before Bongbong Marcos becomes the vice president. No recount. Leni is the cer…

Classic Amy Jo Johnson Pictures For May 1, 2017

She's nearing fifty but these are too good not to post. Maybe I don't regret my superficial decision not to watch the 2017 film either. =P

Olivia Jordan Picture For May 1, 2017

I have to admit she is naturally gorgeous in this one. I'm stunned. 

Satirical News: Aung San Suu Kyi Denies Leila Dilemma's And Kris Aquino's Request To Meet Her

It is the 30th ASEAN Summit for 2017 and Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar arrived. She was greeted by President Rodrigo R. Duterte. However a reporter from ABiaS-CBN decided to ask her a question on how does it feel to be compared to Senator Leila Dilemma and Kris Aquino. She simply said that itw as an insult to her dignity. She refused to answer the question any further. She was then told that both Senator Dilemma and Kris wanted to see her but she said she would not allow it.

What happened is that Senator Dilemma and Kris Aquino reacted with tantrums over how Aung San refused to meet with them. Dilemma was last seen throwing a tantrum in Camp Crame after Aung San refused to be compared to her. Kris who called herself the new Aung San Suu Kyi of the Philippines got outraged that the woman she compared herself to refused the request to meet her. Dilemma yelled that maybe President Duterte has brainwashed Aung San. Kris cried saying that democracy is truly dead because Aung San refused to …